Find My Location Unavailable Unable To Connect To Server- How To Resolve Issues

Find my Location Unavailable Unable to Connect to Server.

Being unable to connect to the server can be a complex one caused by several things. When you are unavailable, and you can’t connect to a server, it means you cannot access the internet, and you can’t even share your location status. This problem can occur on your smartphone or computer, but you can use the same solution on both devices since they have standard features. Sometimes, the issue may not happen on your device but from the base server.

So why am I Unable to Connect to the Server?

Find my Location unavailable Unable to connect to server issue is quite common to iPhone and IOS devices in general. It means your device is not connected to the server, and people can’t find your Location.

Why Do These Issues Happen?

Though the issue of non-connection to servers can happen on any iPhone, it is more rampant on iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPad. This issue has also been associated with upgrading an existing IOS to 11.4, or IOS 12 Beta3.

 It is kind of weird and annoying because you wouldn’t be able to see your friends in the “Find Friends” or any other device in the “Find iPhone.” Fortunately, other location services do work correctly while this problem persists.

The most straightforward issue you might deal with is when you receive a message that your device is not connected to the internet. In this case, the problem will be resolved when you switch on your mobile data or connect the device to a Wi-Fi network.

How To Solve The Find My Location Unavailable Unable To Connect To Server Error

There are several possible solutions to this problem, and you don’t have to try all of them as long as one works. The following are some simple ways to handle the issue;

1. Enable the Location Service by Enabling the “Share my Location”

Before you share your Location with others successfully, you must enable Location Services and Share my Location. The “Error Share my Location Unavailable” might be caused by the disabling of the Location Services and Share My Location.”

To enable your Location services and share your Location on your iPhone device, you need to go to “Settings” from your home page. Once the settings page is loaded, scroll the page down and click on “Privacy.” Another page will come up, and all you need to do is tap on “Location Services,” which will take you to the Location services panel.

Click on the Location Services to toggle it on, and on the same screen, select the “Share my Location.” Please tap on the Share my Location toggle to put it on. Go back to the home page and check whether the problem is resolved.

If you are still getting the same error, you can try the next solution.

2. Share Your Location in Messages

This option should resolve the issue if the first option fails. This solution is recommended, especially if you want a temporary way of sharing a Location with someone or a group of people. To perform this solution, open a conversation with the person you intend to share your Location with.

Tap the “I” from the chat box on the circle icon located in the right top corner. This will take you to another page. Tap on the “Share My Location” option, and this will take you to another page. Choose the period within which you want to share.

 For instance, if you want to share the Location for two hours, select “share for two hours.” You may also find other options such as “share till the end of the day” or ‘share indefinitely.”

3. Update Your iCloud Location Sharing Settings

Sometimes, your inability to connect to the server is because of your outdated iCloud sharing setting. In this case, you should go to settings and input your Apple ID by tapping on your name at the top of the setting’s list. Click on family sharing, then click on “Location sharing. “ The location sharing will automatically be turned on, and you should go to the next step, which is updating your iCloud location sharing settings.

To update iCloud, click on “Settings” and click iCloud before clicking “Share my location.” Click on “From this device” and click on “Select this phone” to update your iCloud settings. Go back to the home page and see if your iPhone is reconnected to the server and your Location is turned on.

4. Toggle all Location Services

If you suspect that your iPhone’s location service could be why your device is not connected to the central server, you may want to toggle all options.

Click on your “Settings,” then select “iMessage,” then click on “Turn messages off.” Do the same for your Cellular by clicking on Settings, then click on “Cellular” before tapping “Turn Find Friends Off.” Return to the iMessage by tapping on Settings, click on “iMessages,” then click on “Turn on.” Return to Cellular by clicking on Settings, then click on “Cellular,” and click on “Find my friends” to turn it on.

Return to Settings once again and tap on “Privacy” before clicking on “Location Services.” Tap on “Share my location” and then click on “Should be on.” This should resolve the server connectivity issue.

5. Restart Your iPhone Location Service

Try and turn off both the location service and your iPhone or iPad. To do this, reboot your device and then turn off the location sharing feature. Reboot again and then turn on your location sharing again and see if it will work now.

Other Solutions To Find Location Unavailable Unable To Connect To Server

In addition to the first two solutions, you can also try out some other solutions to rectify this problem;

1. Enable the “Find Friends” Option Under Cellular Data

The Find Friends option is usually enabled by default, especially when you are using your cellular data instead of Wi-Fi. If you switch from cellular data to Wi-Fi, for instance, this feature may be disabled. You may end up with an error message; “My location is unavailable.”

You can enable the find friends and your Location under cellular data by opening the settings. Tap on the “Cellular” option from the displayed options. From the next page, turn on the Cellular Data Toggle that is located above the Cellular Data Options.

From the following page, scroll down and click on the “Find Friends” toggle, which will turn the option on. Return to the home screen and see if the error is resolved.

2. Reset Your iPhone

One of the solutions explained above should have resolved the “My location unavailable” issue, but if they don’t, your last resort may be to reset your iPhone to the factory setting.

Resetting your iPhone is not normally recommended, but for some reason, this could be the solution to many iPhone problems.

Keep in mind that resetting your iPhone can cause loss of data, files, and settings. Make sure you backup vital files on iCloud or iTunes before you reset the phone. You may want to visit Apple iPhone’s website to complete the instructions on resetting your iPhone.

You must be careful when resetting your device. Make sure you follow the prompts and instructions on the Apple website to complete this process. Failure to comply with Apple’s instructions may lead to serious errors that make you lose vital files on your device.

In most cases, one of the proffered solutions should work in resolving the unable to connect to the server and find my location issue. This means you should be able to avoid factory resetting, but no one can predict the true cause of the issue.

3. Software Issues

Software issues are rarely the reason why you see Find Location Unavailable, unable to connect to the server. Except your smartphone has been infected with a powerful virus, then you should worry about software issues.

In case of your iPhone having malicious attacks like viruses, you may want to delete everything in your phone. Make sure you have backed up your files on your iCloud account before you commence this process. Once you delete everything on the iPhone or iPad, you can then follow the factory reset guide to restore your device.


Find my Location unavailable and unable to connect to a server, are two different issues but related in many ways. Your inability to connect to the server can cause your Location to be turned off automatically. For this reason, it can be reasonable to start troubleshooting the problem from server connectivity before turning to location unavailability. Perhaps your best bet is to seek the support of a certified Apple device technician. Though it may cost a little for technician’s service but you will save yourself the hassle of losing vital files and loss of energy. A certified apple technician doesn’t have to work through all possible solutions before finding the source of the problem.

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