Fix Gmail Notifications Won’t Go Away?

You have to enable notifications for the right Gmail account. Also make sure that you’re getting the notifications for the right Google account. If you have multiple accounts, notifications may be turned off for some accounts even if they’re enabled in your settings. If notifications aren’t working, clear the cache and data for the Gmail app.

Why can’t I see all my emails in Gmail on iPhone?

Many people like to use Gmail for their internet mail account. If they use Gmail on their phone, they often use the app to check for new messages. If you try to read messages on your iPhone and you don’t see all the emails, it might mean they are part of the spam filter. To see if this is the case, open the App Settings menu and select the spam filter.

Why would my email suddenly disappear?

There are a few possible reasons your social media accounts seem to have deleted your posts. One possibility is that you accidentally deleted them. Another possibility is that someone hacked your account. Finally, it’s also possible that someone created a new account and is trying to imitate you. If you’re not sure what happened, try visiting the account’s website for more information.

How do I stop emails disappearing from iPhone?

If you get emails disappear from your iPhone, go to “Settings” and then “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.” Scroll down and select “Delete Old Messages” and this will keep your emails from being automatically deleted.

Why does my Gmail say I have unread messages when I don t?

There are certain factors that cause you to have an unread message count in your inbox. If you have the “Unread messages” lab enabled, it will display a number in the header. If you want to disable this lab, you can go to the Google app and disable it, or, you can visit the following link.

How do I make Gmail notifications go away?

There are a few ways that you can deal with Gmail notifications. One is to turn off the whole thing. Two you can just have a summary of new messages sent to you. If you still find yourself getting overwhelmed with notifications, you can always mute the conversation or unsubscribe from the thread.

How do I get rid of the number on my Gmail icon?

A quick and easy way to make changes to the look of your Gmail address book is to go to the Settings option in the top right corner of the screen and then the Labels option.

Why do I keep getting Gmail notifications?

There are a number of reasons why you may be getting Gmail notifications, even if you haven’t checked your Gmail account recently. One possibility is that someone has forwarded an email to you from your Gmail account. Another possibility is that you have enabled notifications for new emails in your Gmail account settings. Finally, if you have multiple Gmail accounts, you may be getting notifications for emails sent to other accounts as well.

How do I delete all Gmail notifications on Android?

To delete all notifications on Android, you need to open the App, go to Settings and go to Notifications and disable them all.

How do I get rid of email notification numbers?

If you’re using Gmail, you can get rid of the notification numbers next to each email by going to settings > notifications > important messages.

Why is there a 1 on my Gmail icon?

The number 1 is on your Gmail icon.

How do I delete all Gmail notifications on iPhone?

To clear all Gmail notifications on your iPhone, you’ll have to clear the cache.Go to Settings and select Notifications.Select Gmail and tap on Clear Cache.Confirm with Clear.

How do I find the 1 unread email in Gmail?

There are a few ways to find a new email that is unread in your Gmail account. You can either view your “Inbox” and “All Mail” folders and look for the message with a blue dot next to it, or you can use the search bar at the top of your Gmail screen to search for “unread”.

Why does my iPhone say I have an email when I don t?

If your iPhone says you have a new email when you don’t, this is likely because the Mail app is turned on and the badge is turned on for the Mail app on your phone. To turn off this badge, open the Settings app and tap on Notifications. Then, under Mail, scroll down to Badge App Icon and turn off the badge there.

How do I get rid of the message notification when there are no messages iPhone?

First, you have to go to “Settings” and then “Notifications”. Under “Notifications”, you will see “Messages”. You can also turn off “Badge App Icon”. That will remove the number next to the Messages app on your home screen.

How can I see more than 50 emails in Gmail?

If you click on the date at the top right, you can select the year and month and day, just as you can do in the Calendar view. You can also see the hour, minutes, and seconds.

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