Force Desktop Version Of Youtube In Safari For Iphone & Ipad?

Unfortunately, the app is designed to be used on a mobile browser and can not be used on a desktop. I wish it was available for iOS and Android.

How do I get YouTube to play in desktop mode Safari?

Safari is the internet browser used by iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. The latest version of Safari can be found on the Apple App Store. If you don’t have the most up-to-date version of the browser, update it so that YouTube can play correctly.

How do I change YouTube to desktop mode on iPad?

You can change the YouTube on your iPad to desktop mode on the app. Open the YouTube app on your iPad and sign in for an account. Then open the three lines in the top left and tap “Settings.” Under “General,” select “Desktop Mode.” If you want to switch back to the fullscreen mode, tap the three lines in the top left and tap “Display.”

How do I change Safari to desktop mode on iPad?

You first need to open the app. There are three lines in the top left corner. Tap them in the order in which they’re written. You’ll see “Settings.” From there, tap “General” and tap “Desktop Mode.” If you want fullscreen, click on “Display” and toggle the fullscreen option.

How do I change Safari to desktop mode on iPhone?

To open the Web in Desktop mode on an iPhone, open the Settings app on the iPhone. Tap Safari and then tap the “Desktop Mode” switch.

How do I force YouTube to display on iPhone?

There is no a one-size-fits-all way to make YouTube work. However, some ways that could help include disabling automatic downloads and updates for YouTube, adjusting your YouTube app’s settings to only show videos from specific channels, or using a third-party app like YouTube Go that allows you to access YouTube without displaying ads.

How do I get desktop YouTube on my iPhone?

It has been impossible to watch YouTube on the iPhone. There are many unofficial YouTube apps, but they are not very good. YTTube TV is a reliable and popular choice for iPhone users.

How do I change YouTube to desktop mode?

To change YouTube to smartphone mode:Open YouTube on your phone.Click the three lines in the top left corner.Select “Settings.”Click “App.”Select “Desktop Mode.”If you want to keep using the YouTube app on your computer, select “Keep using YouTube app.

Does iPad have desktop mode?

Not really, the only thing that’s exactly like a PC is the keyboard.

How do I force a desktop site on iPhone?

No one-size-fits-all solution exists. However, you may be able to use a mobile extension or app, change your phone’s settings to use a desktop site instead of the mobile version, or use a third-party tool.

How do you force desktop mode?

In order to set your computer automatically to full-screen mode, you’ll have to open up the Control Panel. From there, you will need to click on the System and Security tab. You will then need to click on the Change desktop settings link. Once that is open, you will then need to select the Use the following options to configure advanced desktop settings. Then click on the OK button. From here, you will need to select the Desktop display option and then select the Set to full-screen mode when I open a window option.

How do I request a desktop version of an iPad?

Apple announced that the iPad does not have a desktop version.

What does Request desktop site mean on iPhone?

This feature will help you to access desktop versions of websites when you are on an iPhone.

How do I switch back to mobile YouTube on Safari?

To switch to the mobile YouTube on Safari, open the Safari browser on your Mac and sign into your account. (You can also find this option under the General tab.) Click the YouTube button and select Mobile. Then, click OK to save your changes.

Is there a YouTube Desktop app?

there is not currently an app for iOS that can help you transcribe audio and images.

How do I get YouTube desktop on my iPhone 2021?

There’s no official YouTube app for the iPhone 2021 because the company has decided not to develop one. You have a variety of apps in the App Store that allow you to watch YouTube videos on your iPhone. The best option may be to use an app like TubeMate, which offers a custom interface and allows you to watch videos without having to leave the app. Alternatively, you can use an online video streaming service like Netflix or Hulu to watch YouTube videos on your iPhone.

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