Guaranteed Ways to Spy on Phone Remotely Without Touching the Target Phone

Spying on other people’s cell phones remotely without physical access to them is a challenging task. So let’s discuss several options on how to spy on someones phone without them knowing for free.

Email Phishing

Email phishing is an illegal and dangerous technique cybercriminals use to spy on targeted phones remotely. Attackers send emails and text messages containing malicious links to targeted users and manipulate them into clicking on them. Usually, the sender’s email address appears trustworthy, such as imitating the official email address of Facebook or Google support, and does not arouse any suspicion. However, these links usually contain viruses and spyware that infect mobile devices as soon as users open them. This malicious software tracks the target phone and collects sensitive information such as user passwords, location, and chats.

Spy Apps

Parents legally use spy apps, also known as parental control apps, to track their kids’ location and social media activity. These applications have all the features for full remote control of the target device. For example, parents can set certain phone usage schedules or restrict access to certain websites and apps. In addition, they can access the target device’s real-time location, passwords, SMS and chats, notes, and media files.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals also use these spy apps, but with malicious intent. For example, they find out the mobile banking app password, credit card details, and other details to cause financial damage to users. Thus, when used legally, spy apps can significantly help in ensuring the safety of your loved ones, but in the hands of cybercriminals, they become a dangerous tool.

Compromised Apps

Even if you download an application from a reliable source such as Play Market or Apple Store, there is no guarantee they are free of viruses. For example, some free applications, such as games and VPN apps, contain in-app ads as a source of generating revenue. But some in-game advertisements contain malicious links. It takes a single deliberate or accidental tap on these ads, and your device can get infected with spyware. It works invisibly in the background, and the users don’t even suspect that every tap and activity is being recorded and tracked by someone else. However, over time the device can experience performance issues, overheating, or slowdowns that are signs of malware. 

iCloud Account

The next method for spying on target phones remotely is through the iCloud account. But you need the target user’s iCloud credentials, such as the Apple ID and password. Then using these details, you should log in to their iCloud account. But for doing this for the first time, you need physical access to the target device to authorize the login. Then, you can check all the phone’s backup files, including text messages, photos, GPS location, etc. Finally, you should download the backup files and restore them on your device to view them. 

Find My Device and Find My

Find My Device is a native Google tool usually used for tracking the location of a lost or stolen device. But if cybercriminals or a third party obtains access to your Google account, they can remotely track your phone’s location. These tools also allow playing sound even if the phone is in mute or vibration modes, lock the device and erase all its content.

Find My is Apple’s analog of Google’s Find My Device, which has similar features. If a third party has your iCloud credentials, they can view your real-time location, erase the device content, lock it down, and even find your friend’s locations. Besides the mobile device, the tool also allows locating AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPad. 

Public Wi-Fi Network

Using a public Wi-Fi connection to track other people’s phones is hard, but it’s a great option for spying without physical access to the target device. To do this, cybercriminals need high-level spying skills to crack Wi-Fi passwords or use special software if they don’t have technical knowledge. Once a Wi-Fi network is hacked, they can access the information transmitted.

The bad news is that cybercriminals can view some of your files and messages if you use this Wi-Fi. On the other hand, some apps like WhatsApp and Instagram use end-to-end encryption; therefore, even if the Wi-Fi is hacked, attackers will not be able to read your messages.


To summarize, there are six options for spying on other people’s mobile devices without touching them. Using spy apps and email phishing are the two most popular options, while iCloud accounts and native location tracking tools are the easiest ones. For more information on each method, check out the articles on Cell Tracking Apps

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