Hire A Magento Developer

Magento represents an open source framework that is most commonly used for ecommerce development. Its main advantages are flexibility, efficiency and credibility. These three parameters make it one of the best ecommerce store building solutions.

Magento developer is a prestigious, in-demand specialty that comes with a number of benefits. The demand for professional programmers is constantly growing, so finding a job for developers today will be very easy.

Many business owners are going to hire a Magento developer these days to get an ecommerce product that will bring them more customers and increase revenues. In principle, this is an absolutely normal aspiration for every business – development, modernization, improvement, attraction of potential customers and retention of its already assembled target audience.

How can you turn yourself into a Magento developer?

To work as a pro Magento developer, it will be useful to take advantage of the following effective ways:

  1. Begin with the main principles. We are talking about a specific and complex open-source platform. To work on it, you have to find out how it operates itself. A specialist needs to learn how to work with codes using JQuery, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML systems. Also, a beginner needs to learn PHP language, including PHP 5.6-7. This is important if you need to work with Magento 2. It is also useful to learn the MVC architecture, caching techniques like Zend cache and learn the rules of modular development.
  2. Understand the essence of how Magento works. It is useful to study the principles of the platform. To do this, it is recommended to download and study the test version of the program. Employees need to study the scheme for creating new products, the rules for delivering products, the price list and features of price changes, the rules for adding purchases to the cart. It is necessary to personally test the entire checkout and purchase path that the customer goes through. On the way of studying the material, you need to practice in order to hone the knowledge gained in practice.
  3. Attend specialized courses. This option is suitable for everyone who can easily understand fundamental programming skills and those who know the essence and features of the Magento platform. If you find a base online course, you can learn the rules for customizing the interface and other important points.
  4. View specialized thematic blogs and explore YouTube videos on the topic. One of the most useful channels for beginners and those who have mastered the average level of ownership of the Magento site can be Max Pronko’s YouTube channel. His overviews provide information on how to create a magento 1 to magento 2 migration service, create a first module for Magento 2, create a custom theme, and more.
  5. Do freelance jobs and assignments, that is, get a job as a freelancer. At this stage, training is hands-on. This means that this teaching method is suitable for those who have already mastered the base, have received the necessary knowledge, have managed to practice and want to get more opportunities for applying the theory in practice. The specialist is advised to contact the regional Magento office and offer them his services in order to gain more experience.
  6. Take a course to obtain a certificate. This method allows them to gain additional skills and knowledge, as well as experience in platform-based development. Upon completion of the courses, the specialist becomes an expert in his field of activity. And this is what every self-respecting specialist strives for.
  7. Visit various conferences as well as other Magento-themed events. They take place throughout the year. You just need to follow the updates of events on specialized news portals or the official website.

If at least one method suits you, then you can start your path from a beginner to a professional developer Magento. 

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