How a Professional Magento Developer Can Help Improve Your Online Store & Improve Your Bottom Line

Importance of a Professional Magento Developer

The Magento platform has rapidly gained popularity. Hence, many developers and development agencies have decided to adopt it. Yet, you must hire a Magento developer for desired results. Some developers neglect the basic development concept. Due to this, quality suffers.


Tips to Choose the Best Magento Agency

Now that you have decided to develop an e-com Magento website, it is time to investigate and find the best developer. Here are some of the proven tips to find the best Magento integration agency.


  • Find your requirements

Make sure you have a good understanding of your specific needs before reaching out to any development company. Make a list of all the requirements, aka the scope of work. Divide the range as MVP and future requirements.

  • Be precise in your Ask

Your customers’ various needs, including their wants, the needs of the market, and the competition, should all be accounted for in your requirements. Knowing what kind of e-commerce store you need to clearly understand your business requirements and analyze the data to find out which information you need.

With growing requirements, a skilled team in e-commerce, business intelligence, and marketing becomes necessary.

  • Establish a rough estimate of expenses

You must forecast the budget you would need to build your online store. If a business is making $10 million in profits and only spending $15,000 on its Magento e-commerce store, it will be pointless.

It is advised that you plan about 5% of your overall revenue for building a fantastic e-commerce website.

  • Whether it is a Magento Solution Partner or a Magento Certified Agency

To find the agency, it is necessary to discover how many certifications the firm has. These partners and agencies can subscribe to education and certification programs. They run in parallel with the business partnership program. A good Magento e-commerce development company must include Magento Certified Developers in their team to qualify for the partnership. They must sit for an annual refresher exam every year to stay updated.

  • Experience in Magento Technology Development

If you’ve ever used Magento, you’ll notice that your experience counts. To stay abreast of the changes in the overall ecosystem, you should know how long Magento agencies have been involved in Magento-based e-commerce store development and management. You should also ask agencies how many projects they have completed or built. Do trained and certified skilled developers support the Magento 2 platform?

  • Magento Store Development Process Technologies

The development agencies must stay on top of the latest innovations and fashions. Additionally, help channels and forums should be readily available so that people aren’t impeded in finding a solution. Since you need to identify the proper development agencies, look into the latest technologies and tools they might need and seek them out in the agencies you’ve identified as possible candidates for your company.

Advantages of Hiring the Best Magento Developer

Once you have hired the best from the industry, you will realize the value addition they bring to your e-com website

  1. Create a sturdy and functional e-com store with Magento. A talented and diligent developer will ensure that he implements the best technologies to ensure your website uptime is maximum and rarely crashes.
  2. Magento developers have a keen eye and talent for focusing and increasing the performance and speed of the website. Increasing speed of your website decreases your bounce rate and increases conversion rates over time.
  3. Cyber security plays an important role when it comes to your e-commerce business. Keeping customer information confidential should always be your number 1 priority. Hiring a Magento  developer that specializes in cyber security is a must in protecting your business and your customers.
  4. Last, but not least, a good agency will also recommend split testing. It is very important to use techniques that are specific to your e-commerce business in order to maximize profits. Split testing checks the behavior of customers on different parameters.

Key Takeaways

Appropriate Magento development agencies can help you meet your deadlines within your budget. It is imperative and recommended to hire professional experts who can elevate your customer experience on your e-commerce website. We would love to hear your feedback and experiences (if any) on working with Magento developer(s)!


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