How Can I Change My Name In Bpi Express Online?

Go to Account Maintenance > Contact information > Update your E-mail address so you will receive your E-mail confirmation. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at +1.888.711.6500 or send us an email.

Do I need a smartphone to use BPI Express Online?

BPI Express Mobile allows you to send and receive money to the Philippines, India, Nigeria, Ukraine and Turkey with a single tap.

What are the requirements to use BPI Express Online?

You only need a phone number that you use to connect your account to your bank, the minimum age is 18, you only need a phone number that you use to connect your account to your bank and you can use a password that you create.

Will changing my name online affect anything else on my accounts besides that account’s username and email address?

In short, you can change your name, but your accounts will be linked to each other. Also, if you have a credit card linked to your old account, you will have to transfer ownership of that card to your new one. Please send a request for a Card Transfer Authorization form, and we will contact you via telephone or email for information regarding remittance instructions.

Can I use a nickname instead of my real name?

For real man, if you don’t want to look like a tool, don’t use that much ‘LOL’. This will be very obvious and everyone will know.

How long does it take for me to change my name in BPI Express Online?

The BPI has introduced BPI Express Online. It allows you to apply for loans, pay your electricity bill, transfer funds, and replace your ATM card. It can take up to two weeks to process these applications.

What is the BPI Express Online?

The BPI Online is an online service provided by the BPI bank where you can transfer money. The transaction is fast and convenient, and since they are done online, they are also very fast and easy.

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