How Can I Delete My Flipkart Account Permanently?

Log in to your Flipkart account. Click on the ‘My Account’ tab. Under ‘My Profile’, click on ‘Delete My Account’. Enter your password and click on ‘Delete Account’. You will get a confirmation message that the account is being deleted.

How can I delete my mobile number in Flipkart?

Delete your phone number in Flipkart is very easy if you know where to go: Go to the section ‘My Account’ in the menu, select ‘Account Settings’, and update your contact details.

How can I delete my flipkart seller account?

To delete your seller account, you have to login to your seller account. Click on the ‘My Account’ tab. Under the ‘Settings’ section, click the ‘Delete Account’ link. Enter your password and click on the ‘Delete Account’ button. Your account will be deleted and all your data will be permanently removed.

Can we have two accounts in Flipkart?

Yes, you can have multiple accounts in Flipkart. You can have as many accounts as you like.

Why is my Flipkart account on hold?

As per Flipkart, your order could have been cancelled due to a payment issue. Also, it could be because of a verification issue.

How can I merge my Flipkart account?

You can merge your Flipkart account by providing your email address and password. Once you have submitted the information, we will send you an email to verify your account.

Can I delete my order history on Flipkart?

To delete your order history you need to go to your account settings and find the order history link there.

How do I activate an inactive Flipkart account?

If your Flipkart account is inactive, you can easily activate it by following these simple steps: Go to and click on “Sign In” at the top-right corner of the page.Enter your email address and password and click on “Sign In”.

What is the email of Flipkart?

Flipkart announced that they are planning to go international with their online store.

How can I change my email id in Flipkart?

For easy shopping and payments on Flipkart, you can make use of the same login credentials on Flipkart along with Aadhaar-linked payments through Aadhaar Pay.

How can I cancel Flipkart pay later?

To cancel Flipkart pay later, you need to go to you account settings and go to the “Cancel my pay later” option. After that you will be asked to enter the bank details and then click on “submit.

How can I remove GST number from Flipkart seller account?

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How can I check my seller status in Flipkart?

To check your status in Flipkart, first log into your Flipkart account. Once you are logged in, click on the “My Account” tab and then select “Seller Profile” from the dropdown menu. This will take you to your Seller Profile page, where you can find your Seller ID and your Seller Rating. The Seller Rating is a five-star rating system, with one star being the lowest rating and five stars being the highest rating.

How do u deactivate a Facebook account?

You must click on the account menu, go to the settings page and click on the general page, then go to the page of general settings and click on the page that says “Deactivate your account”.

How can I check the quality of Flipkart?

The best way to check the quality of Flipkart is to look at the customer reviews. The second way is to look at the company’s rating on sites like TrustPilot and Consumer Reports. The last way is to look at the company’s policies and procedures to see if they are up to par.

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