How Can I Delete My Hike Account From Another Phone?

Deleting your account was an irrevocable process. You will find the way to delete your account in the menu section of the hike menu. However, we want to know if you faced any difficulties to delete your account.

How do I logout of all devices on hike?

You can log out from all your devices at the same time on hike. Just go to the settings tab and click the logout button.

How can I delete my hike account without phone?

Delete your hike account and then delete the hike app from your ios devices.

How can I delete my account from Hike?

In the past, to delete your account, follow these steps. 1) Open the app. 2) Tap on the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the screen. 3) Select Settings from the list that appears. 4) Scroll down to Account and tap on it. 5) Tap on Delete account and enter your password when prompted.

How can I permanently delete hike messages from server?

It is not possible to change the subject of a message. This is the case with any instant message app. If you are replying to a message, you can only change the text if you create a new message.

Is Hike safe for personal chat?

If the police are investigating you, they can demand access to your smartphone and use its data to build a case against you.

Can hike messages be traced?

No, they cannot. It is not an app that stores any information about the conversations exchanged on its platform. Hike is a messaging service that is said to be more secure than WhatsApp.

Is hike banned in India?

No, it is not banned in India. Hike is a messaging and calling app which has a data-based subscription model. It was founded by Kavin Bharti Mittal, the son of Indian telecoms tycoon Sunil Mittal.

Is hike a failure?

Hike is a free app that allows you to send messages to your friends using your phone’s data plan instead of wifi. It means that if you’re in an area without wifi, you can still communicate with people.

Will the hike app start again?

This app was also made by Paytm. The app is being offered to their public, but is being offered so that people can send money to their friends or family.

Will Hike app shut down?

However, it is unclear what will happen to the Hike app. It is possible that the company will continue to invest in such a way that it has a new app or some similar product. This is the case of other companies.

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