How Can I Delete My Pubg Mobile Account Permanently 2022?

You will have to contact the customer service team. You have the option to delete your account permanently.

How do I permanently delete my PUBG account 2022?

Deleting a PUBG account takes some patience from PUBG team. For that, they have a dedicated help page where they give instructions for deleting an account.

Can we delete PUBG account permanently?

Of course, in-game messages are gone so no one will be able to tell anymore what you did. You can delete your PUBG account with one click.

How do I permanently delete my PUBG account 2022?

You will need to contact customer care to permanently delete your PUBG account. You’ll usually get a message via email or a call on the phone.

How do I permanently delete my PUBG account 2022?

Users who delete their PUBG account will not be eligible to re sign up or play the game again. They also won’t be able to get any of the items in their inventory.

How do I permanently delete my PUBG mobile account from Facebook?

Open a Facebook account.Scroll down and click on the three lines in the top left corner.Scroll down and select “Settings”.Locate “App Manager” and click on it.Click on “Remove”.

How do I permanently delete my PUBG account on Facebook?

To delete your PUBG account on Facebook now, open the game and sign in. Then go to the Settings menu and select “Account Deletion’. You’ll be asked to confirm your decision, and after doing so, your account will be deleted permanently.

How do I delete my PUBG mobile account linked to Google Play permanently?

You will get a message from PUBG customer support stating that you’ll need to delete your account.

Do PUBG delete inactive accounts?

There is a certain age or amount of time after which the player is considered inactive. A lot of the time, PUBG is still busy, but when it’s not then the game is made available for new users to play.

How do I delete my PUBG new state account?

The best thing to do if you want to delete your PUBG new state account is to contact the game’s support team. They can delete your account and any associated data.

How do I unlink my PUBG mobile from my Gmail account?

So, open the PUBG app and go to the settings. Click on Google Play Services and choose to unlink the account.

Can I unlink my email from PUBG?

You can easily set up your email account to be unlinked from PUBG. To do so, go to the “Settings” menu and select “Account”. Then, click on the “Unlink Email” button.

How do I transfer my PUBG account to another Gmail account?

The process of linking the two accounts is quite simple. First, you need to create a new PUBG account on the new Gmail account.Next, you need to link the old PUBG account with the new one.You can then login into the old one and then go to the “Settings” tab and click on the “Linked Accounts” section.

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