How Can I Delete My Viber Chat History Permanently?

The app doesn’t store your chats for you, so you have to do it for yourself. Also, when you open the app, it will ask if you want to restore your chats – choose “No.

Can Viber messages be deleted permanently?

Yes, you can delete Viber messages on your smartphone. However, they will not be deleted from your device until you delete them. If you delete them from the app, Viber messages will be deleted as well.

How can I delete Viber deleted messages?

If you want to delete a message on Viber, you need to open the Viber app. There should be an option to go back to history. If there is, you can click on the message and select recovery.

What happens when you clear chat history on Viber?

Clearing chat history in Viber deletes all messaged from your conversation history. However, if you have backed up your chat history, the messages that were erased will still be stored in your backup.

How can I delete Viber messages on both sides?

To delete a Viber message on both sides, open the conversation, tap and hold the message you want to delete, then tap and hold the Viber icon to the left of that message.

How do you permanently delete Viber messages on iPhone?

First you need to open the Viber app on your iPhone. Then, go to the chat and swipe left on the message you want to delete. A red “Delete” button will appear. Tap on it and then tap “Delete Message” in the confirmation window.

Can Admin delete Viber messages?

Yes, messages on Viber can be deleted by admins. This is helpful in cases of spam, abuse, or if a user needs to delete a message containing confidential information.

How do you permanently delete a group chat?

If you need to permanently delete a group chat on WhatsApp, click on three dots (.) and scroll down to “Delete Chat”.

How do you know someone has blocked you on Viber?

Viber has a few ways to prevent you from contacting them. If you can no longer see their profile or contact information, they have probably blocked you. If you try to call them and the call goes straight to voicemail, they have also probably blocked you.

How can I reset Viber?

If you’re having trouble resetting Viber on your phone, you can try to reset it through the app’s settings. Here’s how: Open Viber on your phone. Tap the three lines in the top left corner of the screen.

Can I recover Viber messages after reinstall?

Yes, you can recover Viber messages after installing the app again. If you have synced your Viber account with a Google or Facebook account, the messages sent on those platforms will be backed up and can be recovered after reinstalling the app.

How long does Viber blocked last?

It can be determined depending on the country. Some countries keep you in jail for a week, and other countries let you go in a matter of hours.

Where is Viber backup stored?

I have backups of Viber messages on my phone.

Why do my Viber messages disappear

Viber stores backups of your conversations on the device itself.

Can you track Viber text messages?

Viber is similar to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It is used to send text messages, photos, and videos. It is also used to send encrypted messages. This means that the messages cannot be read by anyone.

How do I email Viber history?

To download your Viber history, go to the Viber application and go to Settings. Scroll down and tap on Email History. Choose an email address to which you want to send your history of conversations. A message will be sent with your Viber chat logs.

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