How Can I Recover My Old Whatsapp Without Verification Code?

Backing up your WhatsApp data is not complicated. Once you do, you can restore it to your friend’s phone. If you have a backup of your chat history, you can use that to recover the messages. If you do not then your best option is to contact WhatsApp support. They will need your phone number and verification code in order to verify your account.

How can I activate WhatsApp with old number without SIM?

Connect to WhatsApp’s official website at on your PC or mobile device to create a new account by clicking on the ‘Create a new account’ icon. You must provide a phone number and password for this account.

How do I get my old WhatsApp account back?

On your phone, go to the settings application and proceed to the installed apps. Find Whatsapp and tap it. Then choose Clear data. Confirm that all data is cleared from Whatsapp. Open it again.

How can I retrieve my WhatsApp account if SIM is lost?

If you have a lost or stolen phone, you can activate the new account and make it work like the old one. You need to use the same number. Make the phone act as if it is a new SIM card, and request deactivation of the old SIM card.

How can I recover my WhatsApp without verification code?

If your phone number is not registered with WhatsApp and you forgot the verification code, you can still recover your account by entering your phone number in WhatsApp and clicking “Next”.

How can I transfer my WhatsApp account to another phone without verification?

If you want to change WhatsApp from another phone, you will need to uninstall the app first. After installing the app on the new phone, you will need to verify your account one more time.

How can I get my old WhatsApp number without SIM card?

If you don’t have an old SIM card, you can contact the company you used to have the SIM card and have them transfer your number to the new SIM card.

How can I activate my old WhatsApp number?

If you have your old WhatsApp account, you just got a notification to login with your new phone number.

Can I get WhatsApp verification code via email?

The SIM card is a credit card-size microchip that lets you make phone calls and send text messages even when you’ve lost your mobile phone or have it stolen.

How can I retrieve my old SIM number?

You will need to contact your carrier if you want to know how many calls you have on your phone and you will need to have a SIM card to do so.

Can I get a new SIM card and keep my old number?

If you are a new customer, then you can either opt for a new SIM card or cancel your old line.

How can I log into WhatsApp without QR code?

There are a few ways you can log into WhatsApp without using a QR code. The simplest way is to have your phone number saved on the contact list of the phone you’re log in with. If you don’t have your number saved, you can find it by going to Settings > Account > Privacy > My Account and then selecting WhatsApp Account. You can also use Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone.

Can I use my old WhatsApp number on a new SIM card?

According to WhatsApp, they do not allow you to use your old number on a new SIM card with a different company because they want people to use the number with the same provider.

Can I retrieve my WhatsApp chat if I insert my SIM card in another phone and download WhatsApp?

A feature that makes WhatsApp easier for people who travel abroad.

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