How Can I Remove Kyc Details From Paytm?

Deleting Paytm is not that easy. If you want to remove your account, you will need to delete it.

How can I delete my KYC details in Paytm?

To delete your KYC details in Paytm, you should:Open the Paytm app and log in to the app.Tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen.Tap on “My Profile”.Scroll down and tap on “KYC”.Tap on “Delete KYC”.

How do I unlink my KYC?

If you want to remove your details from our system, you need to contact your customer service. Customer service can help you remove your information.

Can we have two Paytm accounts with same KYC?

Yes, there’s a way to use two Paytm accounts with the same KYC.

How can I delete my Aadhar card from Paytm?

You can delete your Aadhaar card from Paytm by calling the customer care or emailing them.

How can I change my Paytm name after KYC?

To change the Paytm name, you only need to reach the nearest mobile operator’s store and submit the required documents.

How can I delete my Paytm customer care number?

You cannot delete Paytm customer care number. You can change it through the settings.

Can I change my Paytm mobile number after KYC?

You can change your Paytm mobile number after it has been validated. You can do this by going to My Profile and tapping on your mobile number. Then tap on the pencil icon and enter a new number.

How can I get my money back from Paytm without KYC?

If you do not have a KYC account, you will not be able to get your money back from the company. They require KYC accounts in order to protect people from fraud. If you do not have a KYC account, you can still use Paytm to make payments and receive money.

Can I use Paytm without KYC?

The process of authentication is called KYC. It involves registering your bank account number and other details on the website and signing a document to confirm that the details you have provided are correct.

Can we delete Paytm account permanently?

The user can permanently delete their Paytm account via Settings > Delete Account.

Can I hide my name on Paytm?

Yes, the Paytm app allows you to set a profile name. Go to the settings page and open the profile page. Check the “Hidden” box. This will allow you to hide your name.

How can I edit my Paytm profile?

The Paytm profile is a profile where you can sign up for a Paytm wallet. You can do this quickly from one screen.

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