How Do I Add A Delegate To My Sprint Account?

To add a delegate to your Sprint account, go to and sign in. Click on the My Profile section under My Account. On the My Account page, click Add New Delegate. Enter the delegate’s name, email address, and password. Click Save Changes.

How do I give someone access to my Sprint account?

In the Sprint to add a new user, first a new user, you need to create. After that, fill the field and then click the Submit button. It will confirm your account creation. From there, go to the profile, select the Accessibility tab, and select the Allow this user to access my account section.

What is an in store delegate?

An in-store (or in-store) delegate is a person who is assigned to represent the interests of a company or organization at an event or trade show.

How do I restrict a Sprint phone?

There are many reasons why you might set a password on your phone. You might want to lock it to avoid theft. You might want to lock it when your are at the gym or maybe something else.

Can you take someone off of your Sprint plan?

With this new feature, you can be deactivated if you no longer have a Sprint line.

Can Sprint customers switch to T-Mobile?

Yes, you can transfer your carrier to T-Mobile. There are some restrictions on what phones are eligible for a T-Mobile transfer. Also, there may be some taxes that apply.

How do I find my Sprint PIN number?

Go to the “My Sprint” section and sign in. Then look under “Account Settings” for the section “PIN Protections.” In this spot, you will need to enter your phone number and Social Security number.

What is a delegate account?

A delegate account is a type of account that lets you invest money but has a third-party financial advisor control and watch over your funds.

How do I add an authorized user?

To add an authorized user, open the Google Admin console, go to Users and click Add User, enter the user’s name and email address and then check to make sure they have the required permissions for the project they are joining.

How do I delegate access?

You can create groups of users and control their access using user groups and individual permissions.

How do I separate my Sprint family plan?

Sprint offers family memberships for each family and they can be separated into individual accounts. You can also contact customer service to get help.

How long does it take for Sprint to deactivate a phone?

Sprint typically deactivates a phones a few days after receiving notification from the customer that they want to have their phones deactivated.

How do I cancel one of my Sprint lines?

If someone wants to cancel a Sprint line, they can go to the website and sign in. Under “My account page” in the left column, click “My lines” and on the line they want to cancel click “Cancel service”.

Can Sprint customers get free Netflix?

Yes, your Sprint customers can get Netflix for free! You just need to sign up for a Netflix account and start streaming.

Is Sprint going away?

Sprint was founded over 100 years ago and is still one of the largest providers of wireless service in the United States.

Why did Sprint turn off LTE?

It is believed that Sprint turned off its LTE network because it would not make money.

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