How Do I Add A User In Ubuntu Terminal?

In the terminal, enter the following command:
adduser username> This will bring up the user creation process. Provide a username, and optionally a full name and password. Once you’re done, press ENTER to save the changes.

The new user will be created and added to the system. To start using the new account, log out of your current one and log in to the new one. You can also add users by creating a text file and saving it as username>.

conf in /etc/adduser.d. This will store the information for the user in a configuration file which can be used to add additional users.

Depending on what you need to do, there might be other ways to create users. For example, if you just need one specific user on your system for testing purposes, you could use the useradd command and pass it all the necessary options for creating that user, so you get exactly what you need without all of the overhead of creating a full account for them.
By default, Ubuntu has two users: root, which is the superuser, and ubuntu, which is the regular account used by most people who are logged in to their personal machines.

Linux Commands For Beginners (old Version): 12 – Creating Users

By now, you already know that Linux is a multi-user system. You can log in as yourself and create additional users for friends and family. To create a new user in Ubuntu, use the adduser command.

The syntax is:
You can also pass a -d home directory> flag to create the home directory at the same time.
If you want to create a new user with a more detailed set of options, use the gpasswd command. For example, you can specify the shell, home directory, UID and GID manually.

You can also add groups to users. The syntax is: Note that this only works for GIDs that are below 500. If you need to add a group above 500, use the -g group id> flag instead.

This will allow you to specify a GID manually.
Also note that you cannot remove users once they have been added, so make sure you double-check before adding anyone to your system.

Linux Command Line Tutorial For Beginners 22 – Useradd Command (creating Users)

In this tutorial we will cover the useradd command and how to use it to add new users to your system. The useradd command is used to create new users in Linux and can be used with many options to customize the creation process. By default the useradd command will create a user account with the following: First name, Last name, and username matching the values specified
If you are running a Linux distribution you should be familiar with the useradd command.

This command is used to create new users in Linux and can be used with many options to customize the creation process.

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