How Do I Back Up My Blogger?

First of all, it is easy to back up your blog using Google Takeout service. If your blog is hosted on google, you can take a backup from google.

How do I backup my Blogger blog?

BlogVault is built by the same team that made the award-winning BlogSpot Backup application. It’s a full-featured, cloud-based, multi-platform, web-based solution that is simple to use and offers many advanced backup features.

BlogVault can be downloaded for free. Click the [] link to get your free BlogVault account. Once you have your free account you can then create your backup blog. You can then select either Backup to a local server or to the cloud.

Do Blogger blogs expire?

Blogger blogs are not expired. If you forget to log in to your blog for a few weeks, it may be deactivated.

How do I recover my Blogger account?

You can reset your password by following these steps:

Go to the Forgotten password page.
Enter the email address associated with your Blogger account and click Submit.
Check your email for a message from Blogger titled “Password reset for [username]”.
Click the link in the email to reset your password.
Enter a new password and click Reset password.

Does Google still support Blogger?

A question about what “still” means:

Google still supports Blogger.
Google still supports Blogger, but it’s no longer the most popular platform [for creating and publishing blogs].
Google still supports Blogger, but it has stopped being most popular platform for creating and publishing blogs.
Google supports Blogger, but it’s no longer the most popular platform for creating and publishing blogs.

How do you save a blog as a PDF?

There are a number of ways in which a blog can be saved as a PDF. One website I like to use is It will automatically convert the blog post into a PDF and allow me to print it out if I want to. Another extension I like to use is called “Print Friendly & PDF”. This extension allows me to save the blog post to my computer as a PDF directly.

How do I save a Blogger file as a PDF?

To create a PDF version of your Blogger file, open the file in your browser and select File > Print. In the Print dialog box, select PDF from the drop-down menu next to Save as type. Click Print.

Does BlogSpot delete inactive blogs?

BlogSpot does not delete inactive blogs, but it may stop accepting new content, and any changes to the site will be lost.

How do I find my blog on Blogger?

To find your blog you need to open a web browser and visit At the top left of the blog site you will notice a down arrow. Click on the down arrow and a menu will appear in the upper left area of the screen. In the upper left of the menu, type in your email address and password to be able to view your blogs.

What happened to my BlogSpot blog?

BlogSpot is a web platform owned by Google that allows users to create and host blogs. If your blog on has been inactive for more than months, it’s likely that it has been deleted by Google. To re-activate your blog you can create a new blog on BlogSpot or
import your content to another platform.

What are the disadvantages of blogger com?

There are several disadvantages to, including the fact that it requires people to use Google-related accounts, and it is owned by Google. People must also create accounts in order to use the site. Finally, is less reliable than some other platforms in terms of privacy and data security.

Does Blogger own my content?

You retain copyright to all of your work. They do not own it but you can use it however you want without their permission.

Is Google Blogger safe?

Blogger is safe because it belongs to Google, and Google is a trusted web company. Blogger is password-protected so that only you can access your blog, so you know you won’t accidentally post something embarrassing.

How do I sell my eBook on Blogger?

There are several ways you can sell your book with Google Adwords and have it shown on your blog. You can also sell your book through the sidebar widget or on your blog post.

How do I turn my blog into a book?

You can turn your blog into a e-book if you use a free service like Squarespace. And you can also hire a ghostwriter and get paid to write a book based on your blog.

How do I print my WordPress blog?

There are a couple of plugins that are used for printing. One of them is the WP-Print plugin. You can also print your blog posts by using the built-in printing feature on your WordPress dashboard.

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