How Do I Cancel Amazon Prime After Free Trial?

Go to the ‘Manage your Prime membership’ page and cancel your trial. Click ‘Don’t continue’. Note: If you select ‘Don’t continue’ for your free trial, you’ll still be able to receive the benefits until the final – 30th – day.

Do you get charged if you cancel Amazon Prime free trial?

We know that Prime is only suitable for some people. The 3-business day period is the time in which we are allowing you to decide whether or not we are a right fit for you.

Why was I charged for Amazon Prime free trial?

If you want to cancel the trial, you need to do that on or before the date when the trial ends. Make sure to check the status of the trial and cancel it if it is done.

How do I cancel Amazon Prime after free trial?

The first thing you should do is go to the account ‘Manage your Prime membership’. After that, you can cancel your free trial by clicking ‘Do not continue’.Note: If you decide to cancel your free trial, you will remain a Prime Member for the 30 days remaining on your free trial.

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