How Do I Cancel Hbo Now On Playstation 4?

First, go to the Settings menu and select Account Management. Select Account Information, and then PlayStation Subscriptions. You want to see HBO Now on your list. Select it, and then select the Turn Off Auto-Renew option.

How do I cancel HBO now on ps4?

Apple, Google Play, Roku, Amazon, and PlayStation Vue have the “Cancel HBO Now” button.

How do you cancel your HBO now account?

Select Cancel Subscription/Done from the drop-down menu after confirming HBO Now has cancelled your subscription. Select Cancel Subscription/Turn off automatic renewal from the drop-down menu if you wish to cancel your subscription. Click Cancel Subscription/Turn off automatic renewal to finalize the procedure.

How do I cancel my HBO Plus subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, you will need to visit “Settings”, select “Subscription Management”, and then click “To Cancel Page”. The only browsers that can be used to cancel subscriptions are the desktop or mobile browsers.

Is it easy to cancel HBO NOW?

If you have a subscription to the service on a third-party platform such as Amazon, the procedure differs based on the platform.

Can I cancel HBO NOW anytime?

You can keep using a particular HBO account for as long as you like. You can cancel however, at any time.

How do I contact HBO now?

If you have any problems with HBO GO, please go to now. For any issues with HBO NOW, please go to

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