How Do I Cancel My Soundcloud?

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How To Cancel Soundcloud Go Trial

Soundcloud Go is a premium music service that lets you listen to unlimited music, download tracks for offline listening, and access exclusive content. If you want to cancel your Soundcloud Go trial, you can do so by going to the subscription screen in the app and tapping “Manage:Cancel”. Alternatively, you can call the Soundcloud Go support team at 844-331-5065 and request to be cancelled.

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First of all, please note that you have to cancel your SoundCloud Go account before the trial ends.
First, navigate to SoundCloud Go > Account > Subscription > Cancel. Second, tap “Cancel Subscription”.

Lastly, tap “Yes, cancel my subscription” on the subsequent screen.

How To Cancel Your Soundcloud Go Subscription

SoundCloud Go is a premium service that offers unlimited access to SoundCloud’s full catalog of music and audio tracks. This includes all the benefits of the free membership, with the added bonus of no ads, offline listening, and the ability to download files.
One of the main benefits of SoundCloud Go is that users can access a large library of songs and audio tracks for free.

There are thousands of users on SoundCloud who share their music with fellow listeners, so there is plenty to choose from.
In order to cancel your subscription, you must first log in to your account and then go to “Account Settings” and then “Go Details”. Then simply click on “Cancel Subscription”.

After that, you can continue using your account without any further charges.
If you want to keep the subscription, you can simply cancel it later on when you are done with it.

How Do I Turn Off Auto Renewal On Soundcloud?

  1. Log in to your account and go to your account settings page. Then select “Cancel Auto Renewal”.
  2. Go to your account settings page and click “Cancel” under “Automatic Renewal”.

How Do I Take My Card Off Soundcloud?

If you want to remove your card, log in to the site and go to Settings > Privacy > Terms of Use. Click on the “I agree” button and then click “Remove Card”. This will take your payment method off the site.

You can also contact SoundCloud support if you have any questions or need help.
You can also check your settings to see if there is a setting for disabling it, or if you can manually remove your card from your account.
If you are using an Apple device, you will need to delete the app and then re-download it in order to remove your card from the app.

You can also check your settings to see if there is a setting for disabling it, or if you can manually remove your card from your account.

What Is Soundcloud Go?

SoundCloud go is a music and podcast app developed by the Germany-based company SoundCloud. Initially launched in 2014, the app allows users to upload, record, and share audio tracks. It also offers access to a wide range of free and paid content, including official releases from artists, podcasts, and music-related shows.

SoundCloud go is available for download on Android and iPhone devices. The app can be used for both streaming and downloading music files.
While there are many different streaming services and apps out there today, SoundCloud remains one of the most popular ones available.

In addition to allowing users to create their own accounts and share their music with others, SoundCloud also provides access to a wide variety of music from all over the world. In addition to existing songs and tracks, users can also find popular podcasts on SoundCloud as well.
While it’s best known for being a place where people can upload their own music, SoundCloud is also a great source for finding new artists and bands to listen to.

What’s The Difference Between Soundcloud Go And Pro?

SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Pro are both subscription-based services available on the streaming platform. However, there are a few key differences to consider: @ > SoundCloud Go is primarily designed for casual listeners and allows you to upload up to 3 hours of content per day. It’s great for uploading demos, rough cuts, and projects that are not yet ready for a wide audience.

@ SoundCloud Pro allows you to upload unlimited content and enables you to monetize your music with custom watermarks and placement options. This is the platform for artists who want to grow their audience and make money from their music. Both services offer a variety of helpful tools and analytics that can help you improve as a musician.

@ What are the differences between SoundCloud Go and Pro? SoundCloud Go is a free ad-supported option that allows you to upload up to 3 hours of audio per day. It also offers basic analytics, but does not allow you to monetize and does not come with a custom watermark.

SoundCloud Pro is a premium subscription service that allows you to upload unlimited audio, monetize your music with custom watermarks, and place audio wherever you want. It also comes with advanced analytics tools that give you insight into things like listening trends, demographics, and more.

Should I Get Soundcloud Go?

SoundCloud Go is the premium version of the popular audio-sharing platform. It offers the same features as SoundCloud Free, with a few key differences. The main one being that it allows you to upload more than three hours of audio per month.

With SoundCloud free, you’re limited to one hour of audio per month. Another feature that SoundCloud Go offers is unlimited access to all premium apps.
A SoundCloud Go subscription costs $9.

99/month, while a SoundCloud Pro subscription costs $14.99/month. So if you’re planning to use the platform on a regular basis, SoundCloud Go may be worth the extra cost.

Is Soundcloud Go Good?

SoundCloud Go is a music streaming platform. It’s an alternative to Spotify or Apple Music, but is more affordable. SoundCloud Go offers ad-free music streaming and offline listening, but you can’t download songs for offline listening.

So, if you’re looking for a free music streaming app with free downloads, SoundCloud Go isn’t for you.
With that said, SoundCloud Go has one big advantage over its competitors: it’s free to use. With most other streaming services, you have to pay a monthly fee to get the full experience.

But SoundCloud Go offers all the same features as its paid counterpart—including unlimited ad-free music, offline listening, and higher-quality audio—for free.
SoundCloud Go is perfect for people who want to listen to music without ads or those who want access to higher-quality audio. It’s also great for anyone who wants to build an online portfolio of their work.

SoundCloud Go is free to use and offers unlimited ad-free music streaming and offline listening, so it’s a great option for all types of users.

What Does Soundcloud Go Come With?

SoundCloud Go subscribers can expect a premium experience that includes unlimited listening, ad-free listening and offline listening. SoundCloud Go also gives subscribers access to exclusive content like early access to new releases and remixes. SoundCloud Go is available for $4.

99 per month (or $79 per year) in the US and €4.99 per month (or €59 per year) in the EU. Monthly subscribers can cancel anytime.

Yearly subscribers have to cancel their subscription before their renewal date in order to avoid being charged the next year. SoundCloud Go is a paid service that requires a credit card to sign up. SoundCloud also offers SoundCloud Go+, which costs $5 per month and includes SoundCloud Pro access, Audio Analysis, 50% off all tracks, and additional audio upload capacity.

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How Do I Turn Off Basic Soundcloud?

Basic SoundCloud is included with all free accounts. If you’re a Basic user, your SoundCloud account will be able to access the basic features of the website and app. This means you can post and share music, playlists, and comments, as well as like, repost and comment on other basic users’ content.

1. Log in to your SoundCloud account and click the “Gear Icon” located in the upper right hand corner.

From here you can click “Turn off Basic” to disable these features. Please note that if you turn off Basic, it will disable some of your account functionality like reposting, commenting and contacting other users.

Log back in to your account to enable these features if you wish to use them again.

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