How Do I Cancel My Subscription To Smule Karaoke?

Open the Smule app and go to the Settings menu.Scroll down and select “Suspend My Subscription.”Tap “Yes, I want to suspend my subscription” to confirm. You will then see a message confirming that your subscription has been suspended.

How do I cancel my Smule Sing subscription?

In order to cancel your Smule Sing subscription, open the Smule Sing app and tap the Menu icon on the upper right of the screen. Then go to Settings, tap on “Your Subscription”, and then “Cancel Subscription”.

How do I stop auto renewal on Smule?

To stop using Smule, go to your App Store app on your device, tap on your Apple ID, and tap “View Apple ID”. Enter your password if prompted. Under “Subscriptions”, open the toggle next to “Smule” and turn it off.

How do I check my subscription on Smule?

To check your subscription on Smule, open the app and tap on the three lines top left of the main screen. Tap on “settings” and “Subscription.” You can see the dates you need to subscribe, as well as how many days you have until renewing your subscription.

What is VIP on Smule?

Vip accounts also get access to higher-quality audio and the ability to customize what they play. The feature is currently being rolled out to everyone, as many people need to be upgraded to a vip to get the benefits.

Can I cancel smule after free trial?

You can cancel the subscription from the app via Settings > Manage Subscription. Click on the red button to cancel your account.

How do I contact Smule customer service?

You can send an email to [email protected] as well as contact us on the website

How much does Smule VIP cost?

There are free accounts, plus VIP subscriptions start at 199/month.

How much does Smule VIP cost in India?

Smule Premium costs around Rs. 2,999 in India.

How much is Smule a month?

It is a subscription-based music app. Its monthly cost is $7.99.

Do you need VIP for Smule?

I’m not sure about the benefits, except for being able to see the lyrics in one place.

What is the best free karaoke app?

You can find many good karaoke apps for free, but the best one depends on what you need. If you want an app with a large selection of songs, Sing! Karaoke by Smule is a good option. If you’re looking for an app that’s easy to use and doesn’t require an internet connection, Karaoke Anywhere is a good choice.

Is Smule Sing free?

With the Smule Music and Smule Chat, singing is a fun and easy way to connect with family and friends, show off your talent, and chat with people from all over the world. Singing in the Smule Sing! app means joining a community of millions of singers around the world. Sing!

Is Smule free in India?

I think the app should be free in India. Indian people also have the freedom of singing their own songs in different languages.

Is there a free Smule?

You do not need a subscription to Smule to use Smule.

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