How Do I Change My Adobe Account?

You have to change the email address you want to associate with your Adobe ID. Go to the Account information and access section, and then click the Change next to Primary email (Adobe ID) button. Then, enter the new email address you want in the pop-up window. Finally, click Save. Adobe sends an email to verify the change.

How do I switch Adobe accounts?

You can switch to a new account by clicking “forgot my password?” in the Adobe Creative Cloud login page.

Can I change the email associated with my Adobe account?

You can change your email address by going to My Account and clicking on “Manage Your Account”. If you want to change your password, make sure you have a current backup of your files.

Why can’t I change my primary email on Adobe?

If you try to do this, Adobe will send you a new email with a new address.

Can I have two Adobe accounts?

Yes, you can use your multiple accounts on multiple computers without logging in on each computer.

Why can’t I change my Adobe plan?

When you purchase Adobe Photoshop or other Adobe software, the first plan is for personal use only. It is not intended for commercial use or for teams. The second plan includes all the Adobe programs and is intended for business use and teams.

How do I add a user to Adobe Creative Cloud?

To add an Adobe Creative Cloud account, you will first have to install an Adobe Creative Cloud application and sign in to the application once before you will be asked to enter your email address.

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