How Do I Change My Pacsun Password?

Go to your PacSun account and click on the ‘My Account’ icon.Click on the ‘Sign In’ tab.Enter your email address in the box.Then click on the ‘Send Password reset Verification’ link.Follow the directions.

How do I change my PacSun password?

From any page of Click on the my account icon2. Click on the sign in link3. Click on the question mark icon in the password field4. Follow the directions5. Enter your email address to reset your password.

How do I change my email and password?

If you are using Android 5.1 and up you need to wait 24 hours after changing the password before doing a factory reset.

What does PacSun give you for your birthday?

For your birthday, you can earn double points if you’re a member. If you’re a VIP, you can earn up to $10 for your birthday. The Anniversary Reward is not available to members.

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