How Do I Change My Redbubble Email?

We are looking for a replacement of that link. If you want to remove your email, then please create another account.

Can I change my email address in Redbubble?

We’re working on adding an option for you to upload your own photos. In the meantime, we’d ask for your email address if you don’t want to use the one that’s already in your account info.

How do I edit my account on Redbubble?

When you attempt to re-establish your Redbubble account using the new username or make a purchase with the new account, you will be asked to verify your email address/phone number. This is to verify you are who you say you are.

Can I have two Redbubble accounts?

“How much can I upload on Redbubble a day?” Well, it is not any more than 60. If you have multiple Redbubble accounts, you are permitted to post up to 60 pieces a day on all of them. If you open multiple accounts in order to exceed this daily limit, they will be closed.

Can I delete my account on Redbubble?

Go to your profile in the upper right corner. From the dropdown menu, choose ‘My Details.’ From the left panel, choose ‘Account Information.’ Then, click ‘Cancel Account.’ You will be taken to the home page, where you can confirm your decision.

Where is redbubble shipped from?

The number of visas being given out will be drastically cut.

How do I change my redbubble password?

Click here to change your password. Click the account menu in the top right corner, select “Account settings,” click “Change Password,” type your previous password and your new password below.

Can you use the same PayPal for 2 redbubble accounts?

If your online banking accounts aren’t linked, you’ll have to achieve the total balance that you need to reach one by itself. Therefore, you’ll have to fulfill the total to reach the bank account threshold individually.

How do I recover my redbubble account?

If you have forgotten the username or password that you use to log into your account, go to the Reclaim Your Account page and we’ll send you an email to your email address – you can’t use your email address to log into your account anyway.

What happens if I delete my redbubble account?

Your account will be erased and your works will be removed. If you made any profit, it’ll be disbursed in its entirety during the following monthly pay cycle.

Why did redbubble delete my account?

This user had previously uploaded the same material from other channels and had their account banned for violating our Community & Content standards. This person now needs to delete the account.

Why does redbubble need my address?

We require information when you create a new account or log in to the parts of the website. This information helps us to authenticate your account or to identify you on the parts of the website for which you are permitted to access.

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