How Do I Change The Position On My Hudl?

Log in to Hudl .com and click on your profile. Select the profile section then click on Edit Profile. Choose a profile tab then select any tab then click Save Profile. All changes are saved automatically.

how to leave a team on hudl as a player?

To start editing an athlete’s profile, you need to sign in to the Hudl.2. Tap Team Members.3. Select the athlete you want to edit. To quickly find an athlete, filter to the Athletes group at the top of the screen.4. Start editing.5. Select the field you want to edit,6. Enter the new information,7. Tap Save Changes.

How do I change the position on my HUDL?

Click on the account icon at the top of the screen, a new menu will appear. You can click on the profile tab to change the information we have about you.

What reports will I get with my Hudl Assist breakdown? 

Stats gives you a bird’s eye view of your team’s play as well as that of your opponent. Click the Reports tab after logging in to access the Stats Report, Box Score, and Shots Chart reports.

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