How Do I Check My Local Guide Level?

– Google Maps : You can get the latest version of Google maps. If you have a phone, touch the menu. On your contributions, the level and the total points count will be displayed.

How do I check my Google level?

Open the Google Play Games app and go to your profile. Tap the profile photo at the bottom. This will take you to your profile page where you can change your level, view your achievements, and much more.

How do I see local guides on Google?

To become a Local Guide, Sign in using your Google account. You may have to verify your account by entering your email address. You will then be able to participate in discussions, comment on a variety of issues, suggest ideas, and vote on the ones you think are best.

What is local guide Level 5?

When we created the new level system, we heard a lot of concern from the existing guides. However, our goal was to increase the number of participants who earn 500,000 or more dollars without making the system impossible for newbies.

What is my Local Guide?

The International Association of Dive Sites was established in 2002. As the Google Trusted Local Guide, you can help other tourists to decide where they should go and what they should do. Millions of people rely on your contributions like these to make decisions.

What is a Google Local?

Google has recently created a new Google+ Local search platform. This platform is free and will allow companies to be registered by Google, and also to advertise to the users on the Google Search Engine, as well as on the Google Maps.

How do I follow a local guide?

Tap “Follow” in the left hand navigation area and choose “Following”. Now you can see what people you are following, as well as other people who have been following you.

Does Google pay Local Guides?

You can’t share information about places you’ve been to on Google Maps, but you might be able to get rewarded for it.

Do you get paid to be a local guide on Google?

According to our rules, a Local Guide’s program is not compensated in any way. This program is for people who love to contribute and help the community of Google Maps and want to have access to other perks. They are also able to get access to other perks, such as: The early access to new Google services.

What is local guide level?

Google maps local guide tools are a free tool from Google Maps that allows anybody to add picture, reviews, and other information. If you can see that you are a local guide, your contributions may gain more trust and authenticity if other people see that you are a local guide.

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