How Do I Clear All Notifications?

To open the notifications, open the menu that appears in the top right corner of your screen. You can then open the notifications by clicking inside of the menu.

How do I delete all my notifications at once?

1. You can clear notifications from your home screen by either swiping them to the left or right. 2. Clear all notifications by going to the top of your screen and you’ll see a list of all notifications. Then, you can just tap the button for “clear all” if you want to clear all your messages.

How do I clear notifications on my Samsung?

Tap the top of the screen, and then drag it downwards to open the Notifications Panel on the Home page. Tap the clear button to clear all of the notifications.

How do I clear notifications on my Iphone screen?

The notification center is located by swiping up on the screen. If you want to clear all notifications press and hold the X on the Apple home button (upper right corner). Tap on “Clear All Notifications”.

How do I clear all notifications on my Apple Watch?

To get to the top. First swipe down. You can also use the Digital Crown. At the top of the notification center, there’s a new “Clear All” button. Tap on it to clear all notifications.

How do I reset default notifications on Android?

1. Go to the settings and select the apps and notifications. 2. Under the last apps listed 3. From here you can just reset the default in two different ways: 4. The first and the quickest way is to select Reset app preferences and you’ll be done with it.

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