How Do I Completely Remove Magicjack?

If you are using windows, you need to go to settings. You will need to go to “device manager”. You will need to find magicJack and click “uninstall” to stop it working.

How do I completely remove magicJack?

1. Go to the Windows folder.2. Create a shortcut to the magicJack program.3. Right-click on the shortcut you created.4. Click Open folder.4. Click on the MagicJack folder.5. Click Uninstall a program to remove the program.

How do I fix error 1 on magicJack?

If you have noticed that the ethernet cable is unplugged or not plugged in to an internet-connected device then the only reason for this is that the cable has been physically damaged.

Why my magicJack is not working?

If you’re using a “magicJack device” and you’re unable to connect your device to a router:… You’ll need to restart the router or cable modem. Be sure to unplug the phone and network cables before you unplug the other cable. Then plug in cables until you hear/feel a click or snap. Try a different port.

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