How Do I Contact Get Around?

You can reach Help Center and submit a support request via the mobile app anytime. Open the Help Center and find FAQs, Renter policies, and Terms. You can also submit a request from there.

How do I contact getaround?

If you want to remove your account information from our systems, please send an e-mail to [email protected] We can’t completely remove all of your information.

How does get around work?

Getaround, a car sharing website allowed you to share vehicles with individuals from our car sharing community. Our mobile app or website may be used to lock and unlock a vehicle without the need to meet someone and hand over keys.

Can I cancel a Getaround car?

When you get a booking on a Getaround journey, your booking is valid for 1 hour. You can cancel it by clicking on the “cancel booking” button.

Is Getaround legal in New York?

After an agreement with the state of New York, now the companies’ services are available in every state except for New York.

Where do you return getaround cars?

The CarWoo app keeps track of your parking sessions and allows you to pay your parking fees in the app.

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