How Do I Contact Neopets?

It is difficult to contact Neopets, but there are options for doing so. The best way to contact them is to get in touch with the Neoboards. Another option is to use the Contact Us form on the Neopets website. Finally, you can also try tweeting at @Neopets.

How do I get my old Neopets account back?

If you don’t remember your username or password, you can use the link at the top of the login page to retrieve your info. If you no longer have access ot the email address associated with your account, you can contact Neopets Support for help.

Can you reactivate a Neopets account?

You can sign in to your Neopets account. Then, enter your username and password, and click on “My Account”. Scroll down to “My Account” and click on “Reactivate Account”.

Can I delete my Neopets account?

You can delete your Neopets account and any data associated with it.

Can you change your Neopets email?

Yes, you can change your Neopets email, just go to your account settings and enter a new email address. You will then be sent a verification email for that address.

How do I find my old Neopets email?

If you need to reset your password, click “Forgot your password?”Enter the email address you used to sign up for Neopets and click “Submit”.You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to do so.

Do old Neopets accounts get deleted?

This means that people with neopets accounts are unable to access their Neopets account information when logging on.

What is Jellyneo?

Jellyneo is a website that provides information on the game as well as Neopets News and Updates.

How do I find my Neopets birthday?

To find your Neopets birthday, go to your account, and click “Profile Information”.

When was the last Neopets purge?

There are no plans to purge Neopets again.

How do you make a Neopet account?

To create a Neopets account, go to the Neopets website and create an account. Please be aware that you have to agree to the terms and conditions, and create your account.

How many Neopets accounts can I have?

However, your account is tied in with your email address and if you want to have a third account, you will need to create a new email address.

How do I unfreeze my Neopets account?

If your account is frozen and you still need to access your pets, please contact customer service.

Was Neopets hacked?

In 2007, there was a security breach that resulted in user information that was stolen. There was also talk of it being an accident, instead of a hack, but it wasn’t clear.

How do you delete a Neopet?

When you delete your pet, it will either go to waste or will be used to help another pet.

When you visit the Petpet Lab Ray, you may go to the left side of the wall to select a new pet.

How much is Neopets worth?

Neopets is now worth $100 million due to its popularity. However, this popularity has greatly declined due to children no longer wanting to play virtual worlds.

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