How Do I Delete A Business Page On Facebook Mobile?

A business page on Facebook is like the “storefront” for a brand. It’s a way to connect with customers and potential customers and to share information about your products and services with them. Businesses usually create business pages on Facebook so that people can “like” them and follow their updates.

You can also use them to post photos, videos, and other content to engage with customers and promote sales.
You can create a business page on Facebook Mobile by visiting

There you can enter the name of your business, select a category, and fill in other relevant information.
In order to delete a business page on Facebook Mobile, simply tap on the three-dotted icon. A menu will pop up.

Scroll down and tap on “Delete Page”. Confirm your decision by tapping “OK”. Done!

How To Delete Facebook Page Latest Updates

To delete a business page on Facebook Mobile, first, open the Facebook app. Then, tap the icon in the top-left corner. This will open a drop-down menu.

Next, tap Account. This will take you to the Account menu. From here, tap Settings & Privacy.

This will take you to the Settings menu. From here, tap Ads. Then, tap Page Manager.

This will take you to the Page Manager menu. Next, tap on the Facebook page you want to delete. Then, tap Delete Page at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, tap Delete to confirm.
Once your business page is deleted, all of its content will be removed from Facebook. However, it’s important to note that this process can take some time to complete.

How To Delete A Facebook Business Page

If you have a business Facebook page, you may have decided that it is no longer necessary or relevant to you. If so, there are two ways that you can delete the page: by deleting it yourself or by having Facebook delete it for you. In order to delete the page yourself, you must be an Admin of the page that has ownership of the page.

To do this, go to the Settings tab on the left-hand side of your Facebook Business Page, and select the Delete option. Once you have clicked this button, you will be prompted to confirm your decision. If you choose to have Facebook delete the page for you, simply contact their support team and let them know that you want to delete your page.

Once they have verified your ownership of the page, they will be able to close it down for you.
Whether you choose to delete a business Facebook page yourself or have Facebook do it for you, it is important to make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons.

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