How Do I Delete A Course On Pearson?

You can remove the course from the course list by deleting it. Click on the Settings tab, click on Course Management, click on the Manage link. Click on Delete this course. Click on OK to confirm you want to delete the course. Note: Deleting a course deletes all students’ data and activity as well.

How do I withdraw from a college class?

To drop a class, you need to not attend it for some time. You go to your academic counselor or office and fill out a form that needs to be signed by the course instructor.

How do I unpublish a canvas course?

If you want to make this course public again, you can Unpublish the course. You can do this by selecting Unpublish on the course page.

How do I delete a course on Swayam?

You are going to login to the portal using your email address from your NPTEL account. Choose “Unenroll From Course” from the drop-down menu.

How do I delete old canvas courses?

From your course’s home page, click on the settings button in the menu and on the right side of the page, there are two options: Delete/End Course. Choose whichever one you want to delete or end your course.

How do I unsubscribe from Pearson?

To unsubscribe from a newsletter, You need to go to your ‘My Account’ link in the top right corner of the main page. Under ‘My Account tools’ in the right sidebar.

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