How Do I Delete A Google Account From My Android?

There are two ways to remove a Google account from your Android, depending on whether the device is a smartphone or tablet. For smartphones and tablets, you’ll need to go into the Settings menu and find the Google account you want to remove. You’ll then need to tap “Remove Account” and confirm this choice.

If you don’t have another account set up, you will not be able to complete this process. Alternatively, if you have another account set up, you can choose that account and enter the new credentials to set it up.
Once you’ve deleted the account from your device, go into your Google Account page, click on ‘Sign in & Security’ and then ‘Delete Account’.

If you want to use the same account on multiple devices, you can simply log in with your existing credentials.

How To Remove A Google Account From An Android Phone

Remove a Google account from an Android phone to protect your personal information, including email address and password, from being accessed by someone else.
After logging into the My Account section of, select the “Delete” option under the “Account” tab.

Google will ask you to verify your identity one last time before deleting your account. You can also remove a Google account from an Android phone by going into the Settings app and finding the Accounts tab. Here, you can toggle your account to “OFF” and slide the button next to “Delete account.

Once this is done, Google will begin removing all of your data from its servers. It may take some time for all content to be completely removed. If you would like to save some of that data before deleting your account, you can do so by downloading it to another device before deleting it.

How To Remove Google Account From Android And Use Another One

If you want to switch from one Google account to another, or if you need to remove an existing account, it’s a simple process.
All you have to do is go into Settings > Accounts > Google and take the appropriate actions. If you want to remove an account, simply tap the account name and then choose Remove account.

You can also choose to disable the account instead.
If you want to set up a new account, simply choose Add account and follow the prompts.
Once you’re finished, your accounts will be in place.

You can also choose to link more than one Google account to your device. In this case, you’ll need to remove all of the Google accounts except for one before you can add a new one.

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