How Do I Delete A Nintendo Id?

There is no way to delete a Nintendo account, but you can delete an individual account by following the steps below.

How do I permanently delete my Nintendo Account?

In order to permanently delete your Nintendo Network ID, you will need to contact Nintendo Global Support.

What happens when you delete a Nintendo Network ID?

Nintendo will not be able to use your ID to retrieve your saved data from some of the games you downloaded from the Nintendo eShop or for games you played on Nintendo Network.

How do I delete my Nintendo account from my family?

It is possible to remove your Nintendo Account. You can do this by going to your Nintendo Account settings and select “Delete my Nintendo Account.” You can also contact Nintendo of America from your country’s customer care telephone number.

Does deleting a Nintendo Account delete everything?

Deleting your Nintendo Account, means that any games, apps, or data related to that account will be deleted, but not the Nintendo Network Account(which is linked to your Nintendo ID).

Can you change Nintendo Network ID name?

Unfortunately, Nintendo fans do not let users change their Nintendo Network IDs.

Can you create a new Nintendo Network ID?

Yes, you can create a new Nintendo Network ID. You can do this by signing in to your Nintendo account and from the My Profile page go to the Profile Picture. Then click on the Change Profile Picture and you will be taken to the page to use to create a new Network ID.

How do I unlink my Nintendo Network ID from my 3DS?

To unlink your Nintendo Network ID from your 3DS, select the System Settings, select Users, and then select the user you would like to unlink your Nintendo Network ID from.Under “Nintendo Network ID,” select Unlink.Enter your Nintendo Network ID password if required and click OK.

Can I delete a family group?

You can delete people from your family group.

How do I remove a supervised member?

The supervisor can remove the member from the organization. The supervisor must send a request to the organization which must include the reasons for removal. The member can request a hearing before a civil court.

How do I remove the administrator family link?

You can contact the administrator of this website and ask them to remove the administrator family link.

Can you unlink Nintendo Account from switch?

Yes, you can change your Nintendo Network ID and you will be able to get new games for the system.

Do I need separate Nintendo Account for each user?

No, you can not. You are limited to one Nintendo Account or your Switch Online Account.

Can you have multiple Nintendo Accounts on one email?

If you use multiple email addresses, you need to make sure you use separate accounts on each one.

Can you use the same Nintendo Account on two profiles?

This means that you simply will be able to access the game on only one profile at a time.

How do I unlink a Nintendo Account from a 2021 Switch?

You will need to be an owner of a Nintendo Account for this to work.

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