How Do I Delete A Review On Expedia?

You can delete a review on the Expedia page by clicking on “My Reviews” under the top right corner of the page. Then click on the link that says “Delete” and confirm it by clicking on “Delete”.

How do I delete a booking review?

You can always delete your reviews by deleting them from your customer account. Please do this from the Customer Dashboard Page.

How do I delete a bad review on TripAdvisor?

To remove your reviews, go to your TripAdvisor listing and click “Manage”. You’ll need to be logged in with the same account that you used to write the review.

Can you leave reviews on Expedia?

If you want to leave reviews on the Expedia website, just go to the website. At the top of the website, you will find a “Review” tab, click on “Write a review”.

How do I respond to reviews on Expedia?

Thank you for taking the time to review your recent stay at our hotel, and we appreciate your insights. We hope that you find your experience with us to have been a success.

How do I change my booking review?

If the review isn’t so good you can change it by going to the “Reviews” section of your account and clicking “Edit.” From there, you can make any changes you want.

How do I edit a booking review?

To edit a review, click on the three dots in the top-right of the page and select “Edit”. Edit your changes and click “Save”.

How do I leave a review for a hotel?

To leave a review, you can choose between these 2 options: go to the hotel’s website or use a website like TripAdvisor. On the website, you’ll usually be able to find a link to leave a review. If you’re using TripAdvisor, you’ll find a link to leave a review on the right side of the page.

Who is Expedia owned by?

Expedia has been owned by the Expedia Group for about 10 years and was then sold to the privately held company, IAC/Interactive.

Is Expedia a reputable company?

I am going to use “reputable” instead of “legitimate” to make the following paraphrase seem more natural and less technical.

Can you get a review removed from TripAdvisor?

No matter how great your work is, if you don’t have an audience, it is worth nothing. You can do amazing work and have no audience, but that is still worth nothing.

Can businesses delete TripAdvisor reviews?

There is no definite answer to this question. Businesses cannot delete a TripAdvisor review without that review being approved. They may or may not even know that their reviews were deleted.

How will you handle a negative feedback from your irritated or dissatisfied customers?

If a customer is unhappy with our product or service, we always try to make their life better. If a customer is not satisfied, we will give them a refund or a discount on their next purchase.

Can you respond to Priceline reviews?

We can and we are always trying to make sure that we are offering you a great experience. Your suggestions and feedback help us to make that happen. Thank you for taking the time to write this review.

How long do reviews stay on booking com?

Reviews are generally good. They generally stay on the site for a year. However, the reviews are about specific bookings. The reviews stay on the site until the bookings they apply to are deleted.

How do I delete a booking on booking com?

You can cancel or change your reservations through or make changes online. If you booked through a third party, you will need to speak to them directly.

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