How Do I Delete An Amino You Created?

You can delete an amino from the amino list. If you want to delete one that you have made, you would just go to the page that you made the amino on. You can click on the “Delete Amino” button next to the amino you want to remove.

Can you delete an Animo account?

You can delete an animo account by going to your profile page and then choose the “Deactivate account” option. However, in the process, you can decide to delete your account or just close it.

How do I delete my amino post?

To delete a post, find it in your profile’s “Posts” tab and click “Edit” next to it. Click “Delete Post” and then click “Confirm.

What happens when you delete an amino account?

When deleting an amino account, you will permanently delete your account. The data associated with your account can be recovered using an export link.

How do I leave an amino community permanently?

If you want to leave a community permanently, you can either delete the account or contact the Amino team for your account removal.

Does deleting your amino account delete your messages?

Deleting your messages will also delete all of your videos, your history, and all your photos.

How do I delete an entry on amino Wiki?

You first have to browse to the page you want to delete. Next, click the Edit button in the top-right corner of the page. Then, find the “Delete this Page” section at the bottom of the page. Click the “Delete this Page” link next to it, and then confirm your decision by clicking the “Yes, delete this page” button.

How do you delete unavailable comments on amino?

Amino now has a way of deleting comments on your behalf. Just do a report on the comment.

How do you post something on amino?

All post creation is first required to be published. After that, any number of tags and a title can be added. Finally, you can add the content.

What happens when you leave an amino community?

If you leave a community you will not be able to access the community any more.

Can you get a deleted amino account back?

Yes, you can get a deleted amino account or reactivated and have access to your stored data again. You can contact the Amino team by emailing and telling them about your issue.

Do your posts get deleted when you leave an amino?

Yes, you can also delete posts that don’t meet the standards of the site.

Can team amino see private messages?

Team amino is using the private messages for the chat, you should use the chat privacy settings to prevent other members of your team from seeing your private messages.

Can you remove your phone number from amino?

This can be done in Amino. From “Settings”, tap on “Profile” and then tap on “Phone Number”. Remove it.

How do I create another amino account?

To create another account with Amino, first open the app and select “Create Account” from the bottom of the login screen. Then enter your email address, desired username, and password. After that, you’ll be asked to provide some basic information about yourself, including your age and gender. Once you’ve filled out all the information, click “Create Account” and you’re good to go!

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