How Do I Delete An Email Account On Zoho?

Login to your Zoho account. Go to my account. Click on Preferences. Click close account. Give you password. Provide your comments. Click close account.

How do I delete an email account on Zoho?

1. Visit the Account application and the Identity and access management application for all Zoho accounts.2. Click the My Account link.3. The Identity and Access management application for all Zoho accounts or Click on the My Account link.4. Select Preferences.5. Under Preferences select Close Account.6. Provide your current Password.7. Provide your comments.8. Click Close Account.

Is Zoho a good company?

It feels as though zoho is a second family. I feel lucky to work here.

Can you delete a Zoho account?

If you want to cancel your Zogo: Finance Simplified subscription, open the play store on your computer. Sign in with your account and go to “Subscriptions”. Then open “Your edition of Zogo: Finance Simplified” on the left and go to “Cancel Subscription”.

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