How Do I Delete An Extra Google Account?

To go to Click My Account at the left of the bottom of the window. Then, under Data and personalization, click Data and personalization and then Data and personalization.

How do I remove a Google account from my list?

You can remove any accounts you just created or manage. Click the drop-down menu in the top right corner of your screen (the Accounts option). Select the account you want to cancel. To delete an account, click the Remove button.

Why do I have two Google accounts?

If you want to use Google Spaces, you’re going to have to use your personal Google account. If you want to use your personal Google account, you most likely already have two Google accounts.

Why is my Google account linked to another account?

A user account can also be removed if the user is suspended or if the user account has been reported. The platform can handle the user account by informing Google of any changes in the account state.

How do I delete a linked Gmail account?

Go to Click on your photo. Click on Sign out of all accounts. Click Yes, Remove next to the account. It means that this is the end of the account for you.

Can I have 2 Gmail accounts?

Sign in to multiple Google Accounts at the same time. You can set up several accounts at once. In some cases, you can configure your accounts in any Google Account, while in other cases you will need an app.

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