How Do I Delete An Old Blogger Account?

I need to make sure that you’re deleting your blog, if you want to stop using this site. Select Settings.Click Other on the left and then on Blog tools or Click Delete a blog.Click Delete this blog.

How do I delete an old blogger?

To delete a blog is easy. You will need your Google account, then go to settings, go to the other settings, go to your name, and then go to your blog. Then click the other button that says, so the blog. It will say, then you click on the top one that says to remove the blog.

How do I delete my blog if I forgot my email?

The first step is to identify the blog you wish to delete. The second step is to select the blog you wish to delete. The third step is select “Other” from the left-hand menu option. The fifth step is to click on “delete blog” and this window will appear.

How do I delete my blogger account without password?

After you sign in to your Google account at to get your password, select the “Forgot password?” link. If you cannot remember your login, go to Please choose a selection if you don’t recall your password.

How do I delete an account on Google?

Go to your Google Account’s settings and then delete your account by following the steps provided.

How do I log into my Blogger account?

Simply go to the official Blogger site and choose “Write a Post” from the drop-down menu. You also have the option to sign in using your account or signing in using your Google account.

How do I find a deleted blogger?

You may restore a document that you have previously saved. If you’ve deleted the draft, there is one opportunity to retrieve it back: you may restore it from the “My Blogs”page.

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