How Do I Delete An Old Bt Account?

When it comes to BT Email, you’ll discover that you can easily manage the emails you receive. You can even delete email addresses that you don’t want to receive any more emails from. In the past, to get to BT Email you had to go to BT Broadband.Click on Manage Extras. Click on Manage BT Email. Click on the email address or email addresses that you wish to delete. You’ll have to ask for your password but it is easy to manage.

How do I delete an old BT account?

1. Go to BT Broadband.2. Click on Settings, Manage Extras, Manage BT Email.3. Click Manage Premium Mail.4. Select Mail that you would like to delete. It may ask you to confirm.

Does BT delete unused email accounts?

If you delete an email or someone else deletes it, you can only get it back by reusing it. You can do so by upgrading your account, or if you are able to, by purchasing email storage or linking a broadband connection to a standard service that comes with 1MB of email storage.

How do I downgrade to BT Basic mail?

If you’re leaving BT Broadband or BT Internet, and want to switch to basic internet, you can do it when cancelling your broadband. You cannot switch to basic email later, but you can upgrade to premium email if you want.

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