How Do I Delete An Unauthorized Facebook Account?

To deactivate a Facebook account. Click on the Account Settings menu, and then choose the option to “Deactivate the account”. Select a reason for deactivating the account.

How do I delete someone else’s Facebook account?

You can’t ask someone else to delete his/her Facebook’s account without knowing his/her email and password.

Can an editor delete a Facebook page?

Facebook is a social network where users can create pages and post on these pages. Users can post as either admins or editors. They can see the pages’ updates, but only admins can manage these pages.

Can an editor unpublish a Facebook page?

If you can’t wait for the publishing of your page, you can Un-publish it.

How do I unlink my personal Facebook page?

If you want to remove your personal account, select “remove” on the page again. Locate your profile, and then press “save.” You will need to enter a password to secure your changes.

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