How Do I Delete Books From The Audible Cloud?

To make sure you are on the right page, go to the Manage Content and Devices page on the Amazon desktop site. Select your Audible Library from several options. Select your Audible library if you want to remove content that is currently in your library. Click Delete with a Yes response to confirm removing the book permanently from your digital library.

Are audible books permanent?

If you sign up with Audible, you get a 30-day free trial. After you cancel, your membership is still active.

How do I delete books from iCloud?

How nice and convenient this would be if I could delete the things I had previously purchased!

Do I lose my books when I cancel audible?

You can also still stream free audiobooks from a range of publishers for as long as you still have credits left.

If I delete books from the app, do I still have access to them in listen-to-sample?

Yes! The Amazon Cloud Player remembers what content has been downloaded for as long as the title is supported by us. This means that even if a title is deleted from your library of a Amazon app, listeners will remain able to download these titles as long as the period of support ends. After which, they can delete these titles from their library list (from Perform a->Library list).

When is content removed from my library?

You might not get too attached to the titles as long as we keep deleting them, but as long as you want to listen to the books you do have, please make sure the license is still in place when you listen to them. We don’t make any guarantees though, and we can’t really tell you what to do with the books once we get rid of them.

How long does it take books/audiobooks to delete from the Audible Cloud?

Usually, we see changes right away if they occurred in our Library List or on our device. However, we may have to wait a while to sync changes to our cloud. For more information on syncing with the cloud (Synchronizing your Amazon Alexa accounts to your Amazon Library), visit this link (

How do I delete audiobooks? Books? Both from my library at once?

If you want to delete the audiobook from your library, just long press on it and tap Delete. This will not remove it from Audible-supported devices or deregister you as an owner, but if you want to remove it from there too, go for it!

If I delete books/audiobooks in the Audible Cloud, do I have access to them on my devices?

The content that has already been downloaded will remain on the Audible Cloud even if we remove it from the Library List of an app, this means that listeners will be able to download it again until the period of support ends (which is at least 1 year for Audible Cloud).

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