How Do I Delete Duplicate Photos In Shutterfly?

Delete Duplicates option will get you out of the trouble of finding out which are the duplicates and permanently delete them.You will never see these duplicate images ever again!

Can you delete duplicates in Shutterfly?

If you’ve mixed up photos from different sources or if you submitted the same photo from the same location to your account, Shutterfly will delete the duplicate photo when you upload it.

How do I delete multiple photos on Shutterfly?

To delete one or more items, first select each item by clicking it in the white action bar at the top of the page, then click “Delete” in the black action bar.

How do I organize photos in Shutterfly album?

You can arrange the pictures by dragging them on the “Arrange & remove pictures…” menu. You can also move the pictures by dragging them on the “Move selected items” menu.

How do I delete pages on Shutterfly?

As you scroll through the notes, there will be a page icon in the upper right corner. If you click on it, there will be a box appear above the page. The box can be moved by using the scrollbar on the right. If you click on an icon to the right of the box, the box will disappear.

Why are my pictures duplicating themselves?

My Samsung Galaxy S7 is having a problem. There are two of every picture I shoot. My phone seems to have a problem and not the pictures or the camera.

How can I find duplicate photos?

Drag and drop your duplicate photos in the scan area. Connect your camera or phone and Duplicate Photo Cleaner will look for identical and similar photos.

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