How Do I Delete Gmail Account From My Phone?

Delete your Gmail account before deleting your Google account. On your Android phone or tablet, open your device’s Settings app, Google.At the top, tap Data & personalization. Under “Download, delete, or make a plan for your data,” tap Delete a service or your account. Next to “Gmail,” tap Delete.

How do I remove Gmail accounts from my phone?

You should remove an account by following these steps: Tap the setting screen and then tap the account you want to delete. Tap the delete account button on the account screen to have it removed.

How do I delete a Gmail email account?

Go to the “Accounts and Import” tab, then click on the Gmail account you want to delete. If that Gmail account is not shown, then click on the link to import another Gmail account.

How do I permanently delete my Gmail account on Android?

If you have a Gmail account, delete it by going to Settings and tap on Accounts & Sync and select an account. Tap the trash icon and then tap Delete Account and then tap Delete Account.

How do I delete Gmail from my Android?

To delete your Gmail from your Android device, you need to follow the steps below: Tap on “Menu Icon”.Select “App Drawer” from the list.Select “Gmail” from the list of apps that you recently used.Select “Uninstall” or “Remove”.

How do I remove an email address from my Gmail account?

By the way, to delete an email address from Gmail, go to the “Settings” page and select “Accounts and Import”. Then, click on the “Remove” button next to the email address you want to delete.

How do I delete a Gmail account from my Samsung phone?

To remove Gmail account from the Samsung phone, you have to go to “Settings” and select “Apps”. Then, select “Accounts.” You can also remove it.

How do I delete a Gmail account from my phone without deleting it?

To delete an account from a Google phone, you need to go to the Settings app first and when you select Google, you need to tap on your Gmail account and there will be a button saying “Delete Account”. When you tap on it, it deletes your account from your Google phone.

What will happen if I remove Gmail account from my phone?

If people stop using their Gmail on their phone, they’re not going to be able to check their emails and contacts from their phone. However, if they log in to Gmail through the browser on their computer, they’ll still be able to do so.

How do I delete Gmail account from iPhone?

In iOS, Gmail is not available. To delete your account, please visit

How do I remove Google account from iPhone?

You can also sign in to, sign in to your Apple ID, and then go to Apple ID, then account, then Remove This Account.

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