How Do I Delete Icloud From My Computer?

“The instructions below are followed on your computer to set up iCloud.

How do I permanently delete iCloud from my PC?

When you sign in to your Apple ID, the first section of where you would click on the Apple Services and iTunes & App Stores, you may find a red “Request to Delete Account” button.

What happens if I delete iCloud from my computer?

If you want to get rid of iCloud on your PC, please visit in your browser and get rid of everything to do with iCloud and iCloud photos.

How do I completely delete iCloud from Windows?

To the top-right corner of the Control Panel, click Turn Windows Features On or Off. Select iCloud from the drop-down menu at the top of the window then Change it by clicking Change. Click Remove and click Next, to confirm that you want to remove iCloud. Yes.

How can I delete iCloud from my Mac?

To remove an iCloud account from an iPhone or iPad, it’s simple. Just press the ‘Delete Account’ button. Mac users can sign out of iCloud in the System Preferences.

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