How Do I Delete My Account On My Tv?

When you delete your account on your TV, it’s actually deleting the device that’s connected to your account. Once you disconnect the TV from Wi-Fi and power off, it will stop receiving messages from NextVR and will be disconnected from your account as well.
But, if you’re looking to sell your TV or would like to give it away to a family member, you can simply remove the device from Wi-Fi range.

You don’t need to do anything else. When someone tries to log in with their phone number, they won’t see any of your videos or broadcast channels. You’ll also no longer receive notifications about new broadcasters joining your channel or broadcasts in progress.

If you’ve given someone access to use your account, they can also delete their account using your Roku® settings by accessing the ‘My Account’ section of the channel settings menu. After that has been completed, they can also disconnect the TV from Wi-Fi and power down.

How To Sign Out And Reset The Youtube App On Smart Tv?

The YouTube app on smart TV is one of the most-used apps on your TV. It’s easy to see why, as you can use it to watch videos, listen to music, and browse the web from the comfort of your living room.
You may be wondering how to sign out and reset the YouTube app on smart TV.

If you want to wipe out all of your info and start fresh with a fresh account, then this guide will show you how.
When you sign out of your YouTube account, it means that your YouTube information is deleted. This includes all of your saved videos and playlists, as well as log-in information.

When you reset the YouTube app on smart TV, it means that you’re starting fresh with a new YouTube account.

How To Cancel Youtube Tv

YouTube TV is a live streaming service that costs $40 per month and offers access to more than 40 channels. You can watch on any device, including YouTube TV’s own set-top box, Roku, or Apple TV.
The good news is that canceling YouTube TV is simple.

Just log out of your account and click “Cancel” at the bottom of the page.
If you want to cancel YouTube TV but don’t want to lose all of your current content access, you can choose to keep YouTube Red membership by signing up for a free Google Play Music subscription. This way you’ll still be able to watch the same amount of content as you would with YouTube TV, but without the cost.

The bad news is that YouTube TV has no provisions for refunds or credits when cancelling your subscription. If you decide to cancel after a few months of use, you will have no way of getting back what you’ve already paid for and will lose all existing subscriptions in addition to any future ones you sign up for.

How Do I Logout Of My Samsung Tv?

Logging out of your Samsung TV is a simple process. Simply press the “Power” button on the remote or press the “Menu” button on the Samsung TV’s front panel and select “Exit”. You’ll be automatically logged out and your Samsung TV will return to its normal state.

When a member of your family logs into your Samsung account, they can also log out by going to their user profile page on their smartphone screen and selecting the “Logout” button located in the top right corner.
You may need to enter your password again when you are prompted.
If you are experiencing any issues logging in or logging out of your Samsung account, please contact us at 866-850-1658 or support@mySamsungTV.

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