How Do I Delete My Amazon 2021 Account?

Go to the website and select Help.Scroll down to Browse Help TopicsClick on Need More HelpTap on Contact Us. Click on Choose a topic, then on I need more help.Click on Prime or Something else.

How do I delete my Amazon 2021 account?

The main problem with the system is that you have to go through the website to find your problem, since you want to use the help system.

Should I delete my Amazon account?

If you’re tired of supporting Amazon and you don’t want your financial information to be in the Internet, it’s time to delete your Amazon account. Maybe you just don’t want to keep your sensitive financial information on the Internet anymore.

Does Amazon delete inactive accounts?

Accounts that were closed in the past and do not delete, they will be added to the bot and be shown on the front page the next time the bot makes it.

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