How Do I Delete My Amazon Kindle Account?

Go to your Kindle settings on your iPhone or iPad and remove all of your content. This includes all of your books, magazines, and other content.

How do I remove devices from my Amazon Kindle account?

You will now receive a notification on your Kindle that the book is being uploaded to one of your devices. You can take advantage of the free 2GB of storage at Amazon, or, if you prefer, you can purchase extra storage at any time.

Is my Kindle account the same as my Amazon account?

Your Kindle account is not associated with your Amazon account. You can’t use your Kindle account to manage your Amazon account.

What does it mean to deregister your Kindle?

In order to deregister a Kindle, you have to go to the settings and click on the device. Under the device there is the manage of the device. On this page, you can find a button that says “De-register this device”. Click on the button and follow the on-screen instructions.

What happens to my Kindle if I close my Amazon account?

If there were any problems with the Kindle, you will receive a message that your Kindle has been switched to the backup mode.

How do I change the Amazon account on my Kindle?

Go to the Amazon app, choose “Settings” and then “Accounts and Orders.” In the list of all your Amazon accounts, click the name of the account you want to switch to.

What does deregistering Amazon account do?

When you try to log in to an Amazon account after you deregister it, you are sent to a page where you need to enter your Amazon password and deregister your Amazon account.

How do I register a Kindle I bought from someone else?

If you bought a Kindle from someone else and you cannot sign in to your Amazon account, you need to go to your Amazon page and sign in. From there, you will see the “Your Devices” section. On the left side of the page, you will see a list of all of your devices. Underneath that list will be a button that says “Register a new device.” Click on that button and follow the instructions.

How do I permanently delete my Amazon account?

If you want to permanently delete your Amazon account, go to and find the “Your Account” link in the top left corner. Click on it to go to the “Your Account.” Click on “Account Details” in the top right corner. Click on the “Delete Account” button. Follow the instructions to permanently delete your Amazon account.

Does deregistering a Kindle remove content?

No, if you deregister a Kindle you do not remove content. The Kindle content remains on the device, but it is no longer accessible to the user.

How long does it take for Amazon account to be deleted?

Usually Amazon deletes accounts within 24 hours.

Do I need an Amazon account to use a Kindle?

No, you do not need an Amazon account to use a Kindle. You can buy books and read them on your Kindle. Also, you don’t need an Amazon account to use a Kindle.

Does resetting a Kindle deregister it?

A Kindle will register again if you use the Register button again.

Can you have two Kindle accounts on the same device?

It is possible to have two Kindle accounts on the same device. However, each account will have its own library, reading history, and annotations. You can also share books between your accounts, but you cannot borrow books from one account and lend them to another.

How do I restore my Kindle to factory settings?

Resetting your Kindle to factory defaults is not a perfect thing to do. If you want to do this, make sure that you are 100% certain you are not going to lose any important information on your Kindle.

How do I permanently delete my account?

There are no simple ways to remove your account (or at least they’re not available all the time). But you can try contacting support and providing as much detail about your account as possible. Additionally, you should remove all of your content from social media platforms and delete your account altogether.

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