How Do I Delete My Aws Account?

You can delete your Amazon account on the Amazon Management Console login to your account as the root user you can choose your account from the navigation bar and under Close Account choose the Amazon account that you would like to close.

How do I delete my AWS account?

Once you have finished signing in to your account, go to your Account Name.
You can now choose to close your account.

How do I cancel Amazon Web Services?

You can cancel your AWS subscription from the manage subscriptions page.
Click the Actions menu, then cancel subscription.
Check the box beside “Running instances are charged to your account,” after which choose Yes, cancel the subscription.

What happens if I dont pay AWS?

If for any reason you have paid for the wrong amount and do not wish to pay it again –
Call AWS Support and have them retry the payment for you if the money is not accompanied by Verify and pay next to it. For example, you cannot retry upfront payments made through the Billing & Management console, but AWS Support can retry them on your behalf.
Also, the amount you paid for was incorrect.

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