How Do I Delete My Blog If I Forgot My Email?

If you’ve lost control of your blog, someone needs to ask the blog owner to delete it for to delete it for you.

How do I delete a blog without email?

If you want to delete a blog you need to log in to Blogger and go to the “Posts” tab. Then click on the “Delete this blog” button. Follow the instructions to delete your blog.

How can I delete my old blog?

If you want to delete an older blog from a personal website, there are a few steps to take. First, log in to your blog’s admin panel. Once you’re logged in, look for a button or link that says “delete blog.” Click on this button or link, and then follow the on-screen instructions to delete your blog.

How do I get my Blogger account deleted?

If you want to delete your Blogger account, log in to your Blogger dashboard, and then click on the “Delete your blog” link.

How do I find my blog email address?

When you add a blog to your website, you will be able to change it later if you like.

Does Blogger delete inactive blogs?

Blogger does not delete inactive blogs but instead offers you the chance to save a copy of your blog.

How do I change my Blogger email?

To switch your Blogger email from the old to the new one, first log into your Blogger account. Then, click on the “Settings” tab and select the “Account” option. Under the “Email Address” section, enter the email address you would like to use.

How do I delete my Instagram blog?

To delete your Instagram blog, go to your profile, and click on Settings, then click on Blog. Then, tap Delete Blog and confirm by tapping Delete.

How do I change the Gmail account associated with my Blogger?

To change the Google account associated with your Blogger, follow these steps: Click on the “Settings” tab at the top of the page and at the “Account” section, click on “Link a Google Account” and enter the account name of the Google account you want to link to your Blogger account.

How do I change my Blogger username?

If you want to change your Blogger username, log into your Blogger account. From there, go to “Settings” and then “Basic”. Under “Name”, you will be able to change your username.

How do I change my Blogger ID?

To set a new Blogger ID, open the dashboard and click on the settings tab. Scroll down to the “Profile” section and enter your new ID in the “Blog Address (URL)” field. Click on the “save” button. Your blog will be automatically redirected to the new address.

Does anyone use Blogger anymore?

Blogger is a very simple platform to use, and you can keep everything in one place without having to install lots of applications or set up lots of plug-ins.

How can I deactivate my Gmail account?

To deactivate your Gmail account follow the steps:Open your Gmail.Click the gear icon and select Settings.Click Accounts and Import.In the “Accounts” section, click Delete your account or services.Click Delete your account.Click OK in the confirmation dialog box.

Does Google still support Blogger?

Blogger is more like a platform for sharing thoughts rather than blogging.

How do I find my blog details?

Your blog page shows your site name, which is what people will see in the URL of the page, your site description, your site settings, and your blog address.

How can I find an old blog?

To find an old blog it’s better to use a search engine, like Google or Yahoo!, to type in the name of the blog. A good way to find an old blog is to use the Wayback Machine.

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