How Do I Delete My Facebook Account Without Password Or Email?

Try to recover your Facebook password.Go to to search for your account. If for some reason you lost your password, then you have to recover it yourself.

How do I delete an old Facebook account without email or password?

Facebook will not allow you access to your account unless you are logged into it. To do so, you need to check your email or SMS inbox.

How do I delete a Facebook account I don’t have access to?

You’re able to delete the Facebook account you don’t have access to, with the assistance of the person who created it.

Can Facebook delete my old account?

Facebook is telling their users that they can delete their social media profile if they want. According to the website, they will ask for a reason, and if there is no one else who knows your account password, they will not be able to delete it without your consent.

How long before Facebook deletes your account?

Facebook can delete your account at any time. They can get rid of your account if they want to, and they don’t even need to explain why.

How do you delete an account without password?

If people don’t want to have a Facebook account, they just need to open settings and click on removal. At the bottom of the page, there will be a link to remove your account.

How do I delete a second Facebook account with the same email?

You can’t delete your second Facebook account for the same email anymore, you need a new email to make it.

Can you have multiple Facebook accounts with the same email?

You can have multiple Twitter accounts with the same email. It will need to be a new account.

Can you have two Facebook accounts with the same email?

You can have two different Facebook accounts with the same email and same password. You need to go to Facebook homepage and click on “Sign up” in the top right corner. Enter your name, email address and other personal information.

Can I create a new Facebook account if I already have one?

Yes, but your old account will be deleted first.Then you will need to create a new account.

How can I remove my email from Facebook?

You can’t delete Facebook from Facebook, but you can deactivate your account. You can deactivate your account by visiting the Facebook Help Center.

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